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Fiveflat 05-28-2013 1:43 PM

Prefabbed "custom" sub box Axis A22?
Looking for something semi custom and prefabbed for the A22. I'm getting tired of my open air sub in mine...

Wakesounds 05-28-2013 2:49 PM

I wouldn't recommend a completely finished pre made because it wouldn't have the waterproof properties of a custom box that was resin coated to seal. Anything else would be a custom job either by you or an installer.

05-28-2013 4:02 PM

I don't think anyone makes a box specifically for any wake boat. There just isn't a market for it like there are with car audio. It would be best to make it out of fiberglass instead of wood then resining.

you_da_man 05-28-2013 4:47 PM

You can Google "Scream Marine" in the Dallas area. They have a box or have the deminsions for a box they can build quick for an Axis. However, with the cost of the box and shipping something that heavy and large, you could have a reputable audio shop custom build you a sub enclosure that will (or at least it "should" be) built for your specific sub you are going to be using. Keep in mind, every sub is different and requires different specs so your box deminsions and port will be different. Myself and 2 other friends have Axis A22's and we all have different subs. Earmark Marine did my sub enclosure as well as one of my friend's. I run a JL sub and my buddy runs an Alpine sub. Both boxes are different in build and appearance. I was the first to bring in an Axis to Earmark to have a custom sub enclosure then a year later my friend took his to Earmark. They could have easily copied my box design they had but they built him a totally different box to work with his sub.

LYNRDSKYNRD 05-28-2013 5:58 PM

I'm using a scream marine box in my A22 with a wetsounds sub and it works great. Be advised if you have a heater you will have to move it around to get the enclosure to fit properly and the drivers carpet will have to be trimmed a little too.

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Fiveflat 05-29-2013 6:04 AM

Thanks for the replies guys. I'm much better with steel than I am with wood/fiberglass/etc. but I thought I might try to give a go at it. I'll have to bite the bullet and pay to have it fabricated. As mentioned, shipping would likely cost a good amount of the fabrication alone. At least I got a good guy local to me for the job (Chucktronics)

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