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atvr 05-15-2003 10:03 AM

Just wanted to let everyone know what great customer service that I got from Sierra. I had a water leak in one of the bellows connecting the outdrive to the transom. Bought a transom seal kit from my local dealer. Turns out that they sold me a kit for an Gen. II Alfa 1, mine was a Gen. III. $200.00 kit containing all new bellows, gimble bearing, gaskets and o-rings. Well I used the o-rings and shifter cable boot and did not need the rest. When I went back to the dealer to tell them that they had sold me the wrong components and that I wanted to return what was not used I got 10 kinds of flak because it was no longer a complete kit. They flat out refused to refund a dime. Right or wrong they may have been but I was stuck with over $150.00 worth of parts that I did not need. Well I contacted Sierra to see if I could buy the parts that I used such that I could return a complete kit to the dealer. I was referred to Todd at Sierra, Todd hooked me up, he called the dealer, and the dealers supplier and arranged it so that I could return the partial shipment no questions asked. Thanks Todd at Sierra.

ffejtable 05-16-2003 11:32 AM

They have Alpha I GEN IIIs now? I got a Gen II in 2001. dayum!

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