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sunsport 02-06-2020 1:19 AM

Engineering Position at a Wakeboard Boat Company
Hey guys we are looking for an engineer with 5+ years of engineering experience strong in mechanical design. I was hired on here about 2 years ago. I have always been passionate about wakeboarding but worked the last 15 years in automotive in Oregon. So i made the jump across the country to Knoxville area for this job. It was been the best decision of my life. Engineering at this company has been the time of my life and because I am able to bring a bunch of automotive experience I have been making big changes. And of course we get the perks of 'Testing the boats' after work and on the weekends. Anyway, if there any passionate engineers out there that want to help me make the wakeboarding world a better place for all us hit me up and I will tell you about the company and some more details about the position.

oregonwakeboarding@gmail,c0m (if you can't figure out how to fix the email keep on looking)

sunsport 08-13-2020 2:51 AM

We are once again looking for a solid engineer. And our company is doing very well during these times. We have upped the number of boats we are making per day and just had a company meeting where our CEO gave out $100-$1000 in cash to 82 random employees. I got lucky and was one of the 82 :-)

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