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elbastardo 06-15-2014 10:26 AM

Upper Willamette / PDX
Looking for thirds, mostly weekends. We typically put in at 10th street or Hebb in West Linn/Wilsonville, but will sometimes head down to the lower Willamette in the Milwaukie area. I've got 2 kids, so you may have to put up with the occasional tube ride. We fill/empty the ballast multiple times/day to accommodate different comfort levels with the wake so any skill level is fine. Boat is an '05 Malibu Vride with 2350 lbs ballast and wedge.

phathom 06-15-2014 11:29 PM

I'm in Vancouver, but can make the drive out there every now and then.
I normally ride with my friend Trayson on the Columbia on the weekends, but every now and then he has something come up like a rock crawling trip or something. I'd be down to head out that way to hit you up as a third.
How old are your kids? I normally have my 3yo son with me for boating excursions on the weekends. He loves it and is well behaved on the boat.
Do you just wakeboard or do you surf too? I have all my own gear and am good for gas money.
I also have my boaters license, can pull wakeboard, surf, etc. and am experienced trailering if you need help in that department as well.

elbastardo 06-16-2014 9:53 PM

Sounds good. I may have met you at AWS Demo Days in May if you were with Trayson - I owned his Supra for 5 years. I'm waiting for you guys to post some pics of how that new surf system works.
My kids are 4 and 7, so close to yours.
We don't typically surf but I'm sure we could get an ok surf wave if we play around with the ballast.
Hit me up any weekend you're boat less.


phathom 06-16-2014 10:57 PM

I saw your name and where you were putting in at and thought it was you.
Those ages are good. He normally plays with his cousins who are 5 and 7 and gets along with that age group. He also gets along well with Trayson's son when we go out.
That sounds like a good time. I think it's also about time we get him in a tube as well. He hasn't been pulled behind the boat yet and I want to get him used to being back there before trying some tandem surfing.
I'm excited to see what the new surf system is going to do. I think it will make an interesting summer.
I'll make sure to hit you up for sure.

jude 06-24-2014 8:21 AM

Hey how late in the season do you guys normally ride? I am moving to that area in August and would love a pull.

elbastardo 06-24-2014 8:28 AM

I usually ride through October, weather permitting.

B_Webster 06-27-2014 4:08 PM

Hi Guys,

I just moved up to SE Portland this past week for summer work, before I go back to school in the fall. I am always looking to ride, and don't mind tube rides either. I have my own board set up, and always have some money for gas. If you are looking for a third, please let me know at 541.979.5155.


elbastardo 06-27-2014 9:19 PM

We might head out tomorrow afternoon if the rain lets up.

elbastardo 05-09-2015 7:58 PM

RIP Brian Moss...

78Triple6 06-09-2015 10:50 AM

3rd in vancouver
we're looking for a good 3rd occasionally. I'll store these numbers for future :)

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