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parker 08-11-2007 3:48 PM

We just got a set of DBot Arm wakeboard racks these are the quick release type. I would like to know if the following issues have been shared by anyone else and what type of racks does anyone recommend. These are <BR> <BR>Problem today: Crossing the glassy lake at 4 am with boards racked, the port side rack became loose from the quick release arms vibrating and the racks swung into the boat about a 1/4 turn. <BR> <BR>Problem later today:End of day, two boards on starboard rack this rack began to do the same thing. Even tightened the quick release there is a lot of room for the rack to move up and down with the boat and loosen every screw in the rack. <BR> <BR>Any Ideas? I apologize for being so long winded to get to such a simple point.

kdm 08-14-2007 3:13 PM

Parker, I ahev 2 of these racks and mine do not come loose. I do have the set screw on the side turned tight as well because i never take mine off. Might try tightening the quick release and then tightening the set screw. Hope this helps. <BR> <BR>Kraig

wake1823 08-14-2007 3:35 PM

I bought some of their lights a while back...they sucked. After 6 months they were rusting, the light claim to be 55 watts but are more like 25 watts. They look cool for about 2 months, but not functional.

rowdy 08-14-2007 8:25 PM

My racks did the same thing. I could never get them tight. Also, the clamp for the tower won't get tight. The bolts seem to bind against clamp and don't allow for tightening. I had to cut them off with a hacksaw to get the clamp off the tower.

etakk7 08-14-2007 9:18 PM

same problem here, can't get the clamp tight. Other than that the rack has been fine.

wetsounds1 08-14-2007 9:24 PM

I had the racks and the lights on my old boat. Just like sam, The lights rusted on mine too after a few months in only fresh water. One also caught fire and melted the wires. <BR> <BR>As for the racks. Mine would tighten but the surf rack attachment would not hold anything. I have 3 different surf boards and every single one of them would almost fly out of the surf rack. So the surf racks are worthless.

parker 08-18-2007 3:49 PM

Great input, seriously I felt like an idiot after spending an hour trying to get that screw tight then just breaking it off. I found some Fluid racks that will fit the oval horizontal bar on the flight control tower, hoping this is the last set of racks purchased this year. The dBots are set #2, the previous ones were nautique racks but were too loose since the older FC towers are narrower pipes. You'd think they would know that at the dealer. Thanks everyone, and I wont be getting their lights anytime soon.

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