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twelve02 06-29-2011 2:10 PM

Basic Audio Connection Question
I apologize for being naive.

I recently purchased an Exile Xi800.4 4 Channel Amp. For the input / output connections, can I use Monster Cable QuickLock Gold Banana Connectors or equivalent? Or is there something that is better?

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david_e_m 06-29-2011 2:46 PM

For the power inputs and speaker outputs most will strip back the jacket, tightly twist together the wire strands, insert the raw wire directly into the terminal block and tighten down the set screws. Some will lightly tin the exposed wires beforehand so there is still a degree of flexibility with added resistance to oxidation. I don't see how adding another component for this type of connectors will help.
Some other barrier strips require a separate fork connector but not the Exile. Most amplifiers use the same terminal system as Exile which a majority prefer.

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twelve02 06-29-2011 4:16 PM

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Hi David, it seems the Xi800 has female receptors for the speaker ins and outs, see the diagram. Am I missing something?


razzman 06-29-2011 4:21 PM

Just as David said, strip the wire back, insert wire into the bottom and tighten the corresponding allen set screw on top. I have three Exile amps they are all that way. Nothing else needed.

twelve02 06-29-2011 4:21 PM

Ok, thanks.

brianinpdx 06-30-2011 12:36 AM

Tommy - It's never naive to ask questions. This place has many knowledgeable people that are always willing to help.

If you look at the photos you posted carefully, You'll see on the Input side (top diagram) uses RCA style cables to connect the audio signal to the amplifier inputs. On this 4 channel model, it accepts inputs for front and rear separately. If your deck does not have two pair of outputs, you can use the config switch to drive the amplifier from one set of rca's.

On the output side (lower picture), you just strip the cable back and insert directly into the barrier style connector. There is no need for banana style connectors.

It should be noted, that if you intend to use this amplifier in 2 channel mode (to drive 1 pair of Exile tower speakers), you will need utilize a different RCA connection approach. This info can be found on our website under downloads section.

Let us know if this clears things up for you.


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