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marbles 10-13-2009 5:58 PM

Sometimes I can land a front or backside 360 and other days, I'm not even close. I hate to beat this 360 thing to death, but I have 3 questions.. One, should you use a progressive edge every time? And two, should you be pulling the handle in right off the wake, or wait for the peak of your jump? Also, do you pull super hard or gradual. (Please no stupid jokes!)

mbsteez 10-14-2009 7:02 AM

for spins you want to take a wide cut out, then get in a seated edge position with the handle in and low, set your edge and ride it in to the wake, pop off the top, pull and spin. NOT a progressive edge as it creates too much line tension for the spin.

trebomb821 10-14-2009 3:15 PM

keep a progressive edge so u dont case and go wake to wake, as u leave the wake wait to the top of the wake and give the rope a slight tug and wait for your spin and the handle will be right there as you pass it.

airbeast 10-17-2009 12:37 AM

Pop off and wait till you're on the way up. Then, I give the rope a GOOD pull. If you don't don't pull hard enough the line seems to get too tight to pass when behind your back. Also, pulling your legs in helps a lot. Otherwise you'll get pulled forward and throw the handle.

stephan 10-21-2009 2:46 PM

I do a real wide progressive edge but its kinda of a modified progressive edge. You want to edge all the way up the wake but your hardest edge should be at the trough and somewhat less as you ride up the wake. This is accomplished with a more seated body position and as you ride up the wake you really explode up with your whole body. If you really emphasize the pop this way a nose grab really helps you wait (& looks baller).

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