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07-14-2010 1:56 PM

Overheating/limp mode 2005 Tige 22v
On the weekend of the 4th we surfed for about 3 hours right when we got to the lake and then for some reason the boat smoked an impeller. The temp gauge hit about 200-210 and the warning buzzer came on. We got a tow back to the trailer and the following morning I replaced the impeller.

Ever since then it just hasn't been the same. We went out last week and cruised back to our riding spot and the temp was good the entire time. I just idled the last 1/4 mile of the trip so i could fill the ballast. Once the ballast was full we were ready to surf. The first rider got in the water and away we went, or so I thought. By time the boat go to speed it had overheated again and shut down to an idle (Limp mode??). I shut it off for 10 min and then it started normal. I decided we would not push it and just head back to the trailer. The whole trip back to the trailer i watched the temp gauge VERY closely and it never got over 175 varying the speed the entire trip. Does this sound like an impeller again? To me it almost seems like the gauge is messed up and throwing it into limp mode. Next time i go out i'm going to take a heat gun and check the temp of the heads to see if the gauge it correct or not.

greg2 07-14-2010 5:41 PM

Check the screen on your transmission cooler...it may be clogged with pieces fo the old impeller.

chasenm 07-14-2010 6:10 PM

Also check the engine thermostat. I had the same problem the first two times out this season. Replaced the Impeller and thermostat but I was too late, ended up blowing a head gasket and cracking a head due to the overheating 1 time...so hopefully this hasn't happened to you. My next step after the impeller would be to check the thermostat and check for clogged pieces of the old impeller like Greg said.

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