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joeshmoe 11-06-2012 3:47 PM

Official Election Map 2012

I voted for Obama and believe Ohio will go Democratic!
Two years ago our governor Kasich tried to tear Ohio apart by destroying the unions, Firemen, Police Officers, and Teachers. Maybe you heard about it, it wasn't even put up for a vote by the people, the republicans just ran it through legislation and it became law(senate bill 5) The people banned together together to repeal the law and put it to a vote by the people in the next election(issue 2) Issue 2 was defeated soundly by a 2-1 vote, which repealed the republican law. Ohio is doing fine with only 7% unemployment and good technical jobs are available. We did not have to GUT the middle class like these republicans are trying to do across the country! Wisconsin tried to fight back by getting rid of their Governor and it didn't work out too well, if someone from Wisconsin could give more information that would be great. I have voted for 5 republican presidents and for 3 democrats. I will never vote for a republican in the State of Ohio again! You do not fix an economy by attacking the Firemen, Police, and the Teachers in a State. The presidency does not matter that much compared to the legislators in your State. Governor Kasich tried to tear our State apart and the people stood up against him! Power to the People!

joeshmoe 11-06-2012 5:52 PM


Wow the polls were actually right! This is a close race.

joeshmoe 11-06-2012 7:28 PM


Romney is getting his loser's concession speech ready.

no_tools 11-06-2012 8:11 PM

really man? your really this hard up on obama winning? buy a puppy

pesos 11-06-2012 9:29 PM

Not even close.

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