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robandrus 05-19-2003 5:55 PM

Ok, so far I've figured out a bunch of problems on this boat, it now runs awesome, starts every time and is a delight on the water, however, I have no way to judge my speed, It used to have a very annoying buzzer on the back on the tach that went on when the key was on but not running, I pulled the buzzer off with a pair of plyers and it ended up killing the tach in the process, oops. I don't really care though cause I have always been a speedo guy anyways. <BR> <BR>Now to the real issue, the speedo has not worked since we purchased the boat, it is an 87 Mastercraft tristar 220, air glide guage, it has the little brass fin on the bottom and works on the air pressure from the water compressing. <BR> The previous owner had used it on a river, so when I bought it I pulled off the little fin and cleaned it out, it had some mud and bark in there. I then replaced the guage with a newer one. (The old ones had 20 mph as the very first reading on the guage.) I thought I would be good to go, However it still doesn't work, I even tried getting my brother to climb under and putting an air hose to the fin, it worked then but not on the water. If you have any ideas or have expirienced anything similar let me know. Thanks

turtle 05-19-2003 6:38 PM

Blow air from the back of the speedo out the back of the line. Remove it from both ends...you need to blow out the line.

wiltok 05-19-2003 8:48 PM

I ended up replacing everything - but the pick-ups did the trick. Try that first - you can get them from SkiDim. FYI - Airguide no longer is in business - although you can still pick up a leftover for 130 bucks.

jmccallum 05-20-2003 12:39 PM

MY airguide stuck at first. <BR> <BR>Turns out a kid (likely me) turned the calibration know all the way one way. <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/biggrin.gif" border=0>

davidgree1 05-21-2003 8:07 AM

Use a hand held gps=$100. Works great, unless you are on a river.

robandrus 05-21-2003 1:42 PM

Um, hand held gps would be nice for knowing top speed, but probably not practical for holding 20mph for boarding. I'm going to have to mess with the calibration thing, I know mine got messed with. I think my lines are clear, but who knows.

robandrus 05-23-2003 8:58 PM

Ok great I just blew out the lines and adjusted the calibration, yep, it was all the way to one side, wow what a difference a speed indicator makes, also this is a new guage, it reads in 1 mph increments, making it really easy to control! I almost wish I hadn't just ordered perfect pass.

parkcityxj 05-23-2003 9:39 PM

You'll be stoked on the Perfect Pass, especially when you're w/people that can't drive. <BR> <BR>Where have you been riding? I ride the Jordanelle. I've been going out 3-4 days/week lately. If you're ever up there look for the boat in my profile.

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