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moto96s 11-07-2011 6:31 PM

Wakeboard vacation
Hi folks,
I am trying to put together a wakeboard vacation. My buddy and i have rented a house on a lake in the Orlando area the week of Dec 12th. It's a pretty fantastic deal with the house and boat, an X1 included for $500 each person for the 5 day, Mon-Fri week, as long as we get at least three people. We did this two years agao and it was great. The house is really nice, and the boat was new that year. We had a great time, but one or two more people would have made it better for taking pics and videos, and more time on lake. We are a couple of old farts who only ride for fun, and not at a real high level, but we do love to ride. If you are interested give me a shout and we will see if we can work things out. I tried to go out last Thursday here in the Maryland area, and it was just too cold, wetsuit or not. Really looking forward to this, so give me a shout!

moto96s 11-11-2011 7:15 PM

I am sure this might look like some kind of scam, but it is not. This is a fantastic deal on a really nice house, with a boat! If anyone is interested I will provide whatever type of proof you need of the offers legitimacy. I can't believe there are not a ton of east coast wakeboarders like me who are watching winter slowly take away any hope of a last ride before we winterize the boat. And what about you folks in the mid west. There must be a lot of people that would be ready for a warm getaway by Dec 12th. Anyway, I hope to hear from someone who would like to go.

austin 11-11-2011 8:21 PM

It sounds like fun, but I haven't ridden since Labor Day. I'd be lucky if I could manage to ride two out of the five days. The other thing is that I might be trying to take off of work to go snowboarding in Colorado over the holidays, so taking another week off in December to go wakeboarding too might be a bit much.

moto96s 11-12-2011 3:26 PM

Hey Austin,
Thanks for the response! I'm glad to see someone even thinking about it. Yeah, I guess should take up snowboarding like everyone else to get through the winter, but I just don't like the cold. For anyone else who is thinking about it, I will get you a link to the house and you can check it out for yourself. I will also send you video of us wakeboarding up here in Maryland, if you are up for a laugh. Really, my goal down there this year is to go back to basics, and try to unlearn all the bad stuff I made a habit of while teaching myself the sport. Wish I had gone to a good school before I ever took my first ride. Ideally I'd like to take a couple of easy sets every day and work on form and control.

Bumpass1 11-13-2011 6:15 AM

Post the video here. Where do you ride in Maryland. I an in northern va and always looking for new people to ride with

joeshmoe 11-13-2011 9:33 AM

Moto, post the pics on this thread, I'd like to see them.

moto96s 11-13-2011 7:38 PM

Hi Bumpass 1,
We are way up in the Northeast corner of Maryland. Right at the very top of the Chesapeake bay. Our normal stomping ground is the Elk River or the Bohemia River. Unfortunately we are pretty far from Virginia, but would really like to hook up sometime. On the video, I have seen what people post here and our wakeboarding is really at a much more basic level. We started wakeboarding about 3 years ago. Had been riding motocross for about 20 years and needed a change of pace. A ride or two is all it took, and now I am hooked. I am just now landing wake to wake 180s pretty consistantly and doing some surface tricks. It's one of the reasons I want to go down, work on the form and control, and get those 180s into muscle memory a little.

Joeshmoe, as soon as I figure out how to post a picture I'll put some up.


moto96s 11-15-2011 11:21 AM

Anybody know how to post a plain old jpeg picture in a reply?
I click on the insert image icon in the menu and it asks for a URL for the image as if it is on a website.
I just want to post a picture off my PC.
I tried making up a Word doc and inserted the pics in the doc, but when I paste it into the reply area, the pics do not show up, just the text???

Wiatowski 11-15-2011 3:20 PM

1 Attachment(s)
hit "post reply" button when you click on attachments it will give you the option to browse computer. or there is also the insert image button
Attachment 18368

moto96s 11-16-2011 2:02 PM

2 Attachment(s)
Hey wiatowski, Thanks for the help!
Ok, hoping this works better, first couple of tries did not.

Here is a picture of the lake in Florida from the back door of the house there:
Attachment 18379

Here is a picture of me in the X-1 on the lake

Hope all this works,

phillywakeboarder 11-16-2011 2:20 PM

I stayed at that same house with my family last February and we had a great time. The lake's a little small - the wakeboarding run is probably about 1/2 mile, but it was glass all day, everyday. Kris LaPointe lives on the lake and would come out in the evenings and lay day some bad a$$ sets through the slalom course, which is right in front of the dock. Unfortunately, the X-1 broke down mid-week (fuel pump, surprise!) but the owner let us use his inboard, which gave us an excuse to ride switch all day and work on tumbleturns. In short, you are going to have a blast.

oldguy 11-16-2011 5:39 PM

hope you make it the weather is great

moto96s 11-17-2011 11:36 AM

Hey Phillywakeboarder,
Thanks for the post! Yeah, the place is great. We did meet Kris while we were down there as well. Lake was great for us, we had a great time and the X-1 ran flawlessly for us. Guess it had less hours on at that time. That's the other good thing, there is always a backup boat there( his ski boat). We are still looking for one or two more people so if you get an itch to come down at the last minute, give me a yell.

Hi oldguy,
That ought to be my screen name! I definately qualify.
Are you down in Fla. now? I keep hoping the weather holds out until we get there.
And we will definately be down, the house is rented and we will be down either way.
As with Phillywakeboarder above, give me a shout if you want to join us. Would like to have at least three people, but we have done it with two before.

sangermadness 11-17-2011 11:55 AM

Damn this sounds fun. how far from the Orlando airport is the lake? My wife would laugh at me if I flew to FL. from Ca. to do this.

moto96s 11-17-2011 12:08 PM

Hey sangermadness,
I think it was almost exactly 30 minutes to the airport(non rush hour traffic). Where would you be coming from in CA? We will have a car in FLA and could pick up whoever comes at airport and you could probably avoid rent a car expense if that helps.

sangermadness 11-17-2011 12:43 PM

Im in Santa Cruz. I would have to get something out of San Jose or San Francisco. I may have to look into this.......... We are throwing Xmas for the fam so I may hit some resistance haha. Do you still MOTO? I have eased up on MX (sucks gettin old) but have been doing some Hare scrambles still just to have fun riding.

moto96s 11-17-2011 1:14 PM

Still have a 2004 CRF450 I start up and ride around the yard once a month to keep it from turning into a rust bucket. I really have not motocrossed for about three years. It does suck getting old, my body just can't take it any more, and I miss it.
My buddy who is going down with me is also an old MXer, and he still rides now and then and even hits an occaisional race.
We talked about looking at the weather just before we leave(we are driving down) and if there are a couple of cold days forcasted, we might throw the bikes in the trailer, and bring them down for backup entertainment. We will see.

joeshmoe 11-17-2011 4:39 PM

Moto, pics look great! It would cost me over $600 just to trailer my boat down to florida

moto96s 11-18-2011 10:17 AM

Hey joeshmoe,
Yeah, I was looking for options to take a winter wake vacation when I stumbled across this place. It's really a fantastic deal. In the areas where I actually could rent a wakeboard boat for a day, and trust me there were not many, it was at least $600 a day just for a boat. Add a hotel room on top of that and things get pricey real fast. This place is a steal for what you get. I really do not want to trailer my boat all the way to florida, would have to winterize it all over again, and I think that kind of over the road milage takes a toll on boat and trailer.

njskier 11-19-2011 6:31 AM

1 Attachment(s)
Hey moto,

Sounds like you found a nice rental down there. Sorry can't join you but hopefully my crew can get down there sometime and look into renting that place ourselves.

I know exactly where you ride in MD, been there a few times years ago before I got into riding. I use to launch out of Northeast MD next to the Nauti Goose.
If you ever want to trailer up to our spot I'd be glad to show you around. We're about 1.5 hours north of the upper Chesapeake bay. Attachment 18447

moto96s 11-19-2011 4:07 PM

Hi njskier,
Fantastic looking rig there! I grew up around the Sommerville area, sounds like you can't be too far from there. I'll send you the link to the house. If you are ever thinking about going and need an extra body let me know. I am always trying to find an excuse to go south during the winter.

ironj32 11-19-2011 4:22 PM

Hey Moto96s, I'd love it if you could email the owners contact info. I'd like to set up a couple days with him for this winter. My email is jlfogelson@hotmail.com, if you don't mind.

moto96s 11-19-2011 4:37 PM

Hi Jay,
Sent you a PM with the info.I usually don't do email on the weekend. Let me know if you do not get it.

ironj32 11-19-2011 6:47 PM

Got it mot96s, thanks!

kainishida 11-20-2011 11:40 AM

Hey mot96s can you PM me as well. I'd love to plan for a trip next winter.

randall 11-20-2011 2:59 PM

Who are you kidding Nishida, you just got married and she is NOT letting you go on a wakeboard trip.:)

kainishida 11-20-2011 7:57 PM

Thanks mot96s...

I already got the my hallpass for the trip so long as you chaperone!!!

randall 11-20-2011 8:16 PM

Well played!

boarder82 11-21-2011 11:14 AM

Can you PM me the link also? I would love to get out of Kansas this winter.

k9fxr 11-21-2011 5:00 PM

Moto, recovering from knee surgery this winter, but would def like an option for next year.
I have parents down there and could use that as an excuse to get out of Detroit for the week
Send me a PM and keep me informed

moto96s 11-22-2011 10:49 AM

Hi boarder82 and k9fxr,
For some reason I can not PM today.
Will try again tonight.

srock 11-23-2011 10:55 AM

I'm curious, what is the broken down cost of the house and boat per day. I may rent my riverfront house which is 60 miles north of Orlando. Endless glass.

moto96s 11-23-2011 11:55 AM

Hi Tim,
House only is $900 for 5 days and $1250 for 7 days.
House and boat is 1350 for first two people for 5 days and an additional 300 each additional person.
Are you going to consider renting the place with your boat also?
Sounds like a nice spot!

srock 11-24-2011 8:58 PM

The house price seems to make sense but I'm not sure on the boat. I would need to do some insurance homework. With the vast amount of water around my place I am not sure how to keep renters "conservative" with a rental boat. Maybe its my own hangup with my personal boat. I feel less love or concern on the house. The place is very unique and you have lots of water to explode and the Ocala national forest. It's also only 60 miles to Orlando and 25 to Daytona.

moto96s 12-03-2011 1:42 PM

Alright everybody,
T minus one week and counting for me. We are driving down and will probably leave next Saturday. Thanks to everyone who took a look and considered going, and even just made a comment to keep the thread alive. If anyone changes their mind at the last minute because the forcast is great or whatever, just let me know. We will get you in. We hope to take alot of video this time and look at what we are doing wrong, and try to correct it next session, so if the quality of the video is any good will post some here. Can't wait to get down there. Gonna be a long week for me!!.

Bumpass1 12-03-2011 6:36 PM

Have fun, be safe, and post the pics / video when you get home.

moto96s 12-15-2011 4:08 PM

Hey everybody,
Just a quick update. Made it in down here on Sunday night and stayed at the house. It is just as nice as I remember. Monday we were a liitle beat from dirving, and it was a cloudy, rain shower here and there day, so we only got one session in. Probably just as well. Tuesday the sun came out and it was in the mid 70s by noon. Lake is cold but great. I am wearing a shortie suit and would estimate lake temp at 68 degrees???. As soon as you get up and wake you warm up. Been nice ever since, mostly sunny and mid 70s. Owner has his 2007 X1 down this time and it is running great. Kind of took it easy today(only one session) as my legs and hands are getting worn out, and they are forcasting a beautiful day for tomorrow. I am demoing a Liquid Force Harley from the great people at Performance Ski and Surf in Orlando. I think I am in love and will probably buy one. Really seems to suit my style. Not many pics cause it's hard to drive the boat and video at the same time. That's it for now, will check in again after we get back.

gotwake133 12-15-2011 8:11 PM

Just wanted to say thanks to Craig and Bill! ^^^^^
I took the opportunity to spend the day riding with them while they were down and it was a great time! Awesome little vacation spot and would recommend anyone looking for a great wake vacation to check this spot out! Thanks Again Guys for pulling me around all day!

moto96s 12-18-2011 8:55 PM

Well, we made it back. Left Florida Saturday morning 10:30am, sunny, 70 and the lake was glass. Had to really force ourselves to drive away. Friday was our last wakeboarding day, and it was at least 70 all day, and the lake was glass most of the day, but cloudy most of the day so it seemed cold if you were not actually wakeboarding. We got a lot of wakeboarding in and thoroughly wore ourselves out. I do believe i have the wake to wake 180s down, and have made progress on the basics I needed to work on to get more pop. It was great to meet Travis at Performance Ski and Surf. I told hm what I did and didn't like about my Marek, and he suggested the Harley among others. I tried the Harley first and was sold. Then he came out for a day and showed us how it is done. Awsome riding man!
Actually learned a lot watching him. Anyway, rolled into home in Maryland at 1:30am Sunday morning at 30 degrees. Kind of depressing, but at the same time, a good reason to plan a trip back in March! We will see...........

12-27-2011 12:37 AM

Would you be able to PM me the contact link and information on this house/boat? I would like to plan a trip in May or so with my buddies down there. Looks like a blast, thanks!

wviveen 12-27-2011 7:50 AM

Does anybody have a link to a website or an email adress ?

moto96s 12-27-2011 7:24 PM

Joe and Willem,
Check your PMs

rwrasta52 06-05-2012 6:33 PM

This sounds perfect. Could someone please pm me the contact information of this vacay? I'd really appreciate it

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