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ladythump 06-16-2008 7:14 PM

I just got myself a nice new Dakine Sequence bag for my gear. No idea what the best way is to place my gear. I don't have much (3 lenses and one body). Also, how to I attach my tripod to it?? <BR> <BR>Thanks guys.

xcharrier 06-17-2008 2:08 PM

I've got the sequence as well and use it as my main pack. I don't really have any suggestions for the way you place your gear inside as thats mainly personal preference but there are a couple ways to attach the tripod. You can either expand the pocket on the side, put the legs in the pocket and strap it in with the buckle strap or if you look at the bottom on the front there is a loop you can pull out, just put two of the tripod legs in the loop and buckle it diagonally across the pack.

caskimmer 06-19-2008 1:49 PM

depends on what I'm carrying and where I'm going. last couple of trips it's been the simple throw the HVX in a towel and put it in a backpack. I don't like the attention you get with a bag of gear in third world countries.

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