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k2rider 07-31-2003 7:43 PM

I'm looking for anybody that has been unfortunate enough to have ever trashed their prop and driveshaft by hitting a submerged object. I want to know what my repairs may run before I decide to make an insurance claim or not. <BR> <BR>Unfortunately we found a submerged rock (or 2 or 3) this week at Havasu. We were only driving about 10 MPH but did some obvious damage. At 1st look, the prop was obviously history. The drive shaft (or whatever it's technically called) from the prop to the boat looks fine but there is fiberglass chipping away from the "brace" that the driveshaft runs thru. We had the prop replaced and went back out to see if that was the only major issue. Unfortunately, we had some major vibration issues at any speed above 25 MPH. There is something else obviously wrong. <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR>

h20jnky 07-31-2003 7:57 PM

do not drive this boat until fixed.... <BR>you have a bent shaft, strut, destroyed prop and maybe tracking fins (if applicable). you are looking in the neighborhood of $1700-$2300 depending on shop rate, for repairs. <BR>however, if your mechanical aptitude is up to speed, these are relatively easy repairs with the right tools and guidance. but if insurance is covering, pay the deductible and get it done right the first time! <BR>If there is some serious resistance when trying to turn the shaft (by hand) it is shot..... <BR>good luck! <BR>

mossy44 08-01-2003 7:45 AM

i just paid $3,100 for mine 3 weeks ago. strut, shaft, prop, allignment, a little bit of fiberglass work, and who knows what else. i think that was about it. depending on your deductible, i would definitely consider insurance claim and have it fixed correctly like ryan said.

k2rider 08-01-2003 9:00 AM

Thanks for the input so far. I have already notified the insurance company about the incident. My deductible is only $400 and I've already met that with the new prop I had put on. I would never attempt to do the work myself but may pay for it on my own if it's less than $2000.

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