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xstarrider 07-11-2010 2:48 AM

New Gear Quality or Lack There Of
So with the advent of bindings becoming lighter, and lighter, and the materials being so comfy anyone think that the quality and the actual durability is suffering?

I have been through 4 pairs of bindings in the last 2 seasons and I am by no means pro caliber rider. The bindings fit so perfectly and are like slippers on my feet......way better than those of previous years, but I don't know if it's worth the sacrifice of having to return bindings every 3 months or so. I only ride 6mos out of the year as well.

Also applies to boards as well.been through 3 boards in last season and a half.

baitkiller 07-11-2010 7:26 AM

Dude... Are you riding on water? Concrete rails? Stair drops? Winching the levees?

Sounds like you are having fun anyway.

Oh...... and I suggest you wear a helmet.

xstarrider 07-11-2010 8:53 PM

^^^^^^^That's exactly my point

Unfortunately I am not a pro and don't have have 3 pairs of extra bindings, or 3 boards laying around to use while my other stuff gets sent back. I gotta rock my old stuff. If you think the pro's aint destroying gear doing what they are doing you are wrong. I know for a fact Rusty has blown through numerous pairs of bindings and a couple boards as has Harf. Again I would expect that from guys pushing the limits so hard almost every day. However I and other people i know shouldn't be blowing out gear at the rate we are. Most I would say are intermediates with handful of inverts, spins ,and a couple guys with raley type moves.

ITs all Ronix stuff for me 2 pairs of Cells (08 nd 09 ) and now 2 pair 09 Ones. 1 08 Covin 1 09 One and an 09 Bill I know people are gonna say why keep buying their gear......Because the bindings fit my feet the best and I love the way their boards ride. I recently switched to Slingy on the board, but that was because I had to pick up one to ride while my Bill went back. Ronix has taken care of every issue to my satisfaction and that is another factor.

Just frustrating

hoss33 07-12-2010 6:38 PM


I definitely feel ya on the busted gear. On my 3rd board this year and same as you im just a normal intermediate rider nothing to crazy beside some winch spots, but it sucks having to try and get stuff warranted all the time. Just blew out my Company Recruit after 5 weeks of riding and my Ronix Reliks just ripped apart after 2 months...its to bad their stuff doesnt hold up better. I love both board and bindings super light and quick, but just cant keep dealing with stuff breaking...

stu929 07-12-2010 7:00 PM

Ok not to jack but is a warranty valid if you ebay something. Brand new. Also long as I have the pay pal receipt am I good?

WakeUpandRide 07-12-2010 7:30 PM

I'm having a lot of trouble with my 2010 Cells, no major breakage yet, Luckily, but it seems like I'm calling Ronix for new replacement pieces to my bindings once a week.

tbcustomz 07-12-2010 7:45 PM

I have noticed a lack of quality in the finish of boards that I have been looking at. I think the majority of the flaws I have seen are only cosmetic and the result of the manufacturing process. I would expect better for what these boards are retailing for. I also just picked up some new 09 ronix cells off ebay and I am wondering if I will have any issues with them and if I do if Ronix will warranty them. The quality looks great, but I am concerned with the failures I have read about on here. They seem to fit great and are much lighter than my 07 cwb zeus bindings. The zeus bindings have held up great.

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