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mak 02-26-2008 10:50 AM

My 13 year daughter loves wakeboarding and I'd like to keep her going in this sport. We live outside Washington DC, but I thought she'd benefit from going to a camp for a week or two. Prefer Florida (close to family) but am open to other suggestions for safe & professional camps.. Want her to learn & have fun - but be well cared for. Any suggestions?

alecia_lts 02-26-2008 12:31 PM

Marsha- <BR> <BR>Come visit us in South Florida! We would for you and your daughter to come down and train with us! <BR> <BR>LTS, Inc. <BR>954-520-0620 <BR><a href="mailto:lavelletrainstation@mac.com">lavellet rainstation@mac.com</a> <BR> <BR> <BR>Take Care! <BR> <BR>Alecia

squanta 02-26-2008 1:35 PM

a list of a few places with camps in florida, the projects, o town, and owc. in california there is mission bay in san diego and so cal wakeboard instruction in canyon lake. all of these camps are great and fun! the great thing about most of these camps is that they have trained or are pros and know what they are doing. i have been to several of them and they are a big help, especially with kids who have the drive to progress.

criswb 02-28-2008 9:47 PM

Yes, you should go to LTS! Great people and great instruction. Your daughter will love going there and she will learn and progress a lot!

lizrd 02-29-2008 5:22 PM

The Wakeboard Camp in Clermont, FL is great.

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