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deuce 02-05-2013 11:59 AM

NHL 2013 Thread
Usually you California guys are interested in sports when your teams are rolling.... ;)

You'd think there would be an NHL thread by now.... LA is holding LSC and the Sharks and Ducks are playing great early.....

We're +/- 20% through this short season.....

Avs are about where I'd expect, though have had some injury issues. Would be nice to get O'Reilly signed(assuming the foot is good) and Landeskog on the ice(assuming the head is good)..... Parenteau has been great.

GO AVS!!!!

RIDE_LAB 02-05-2013 5:05 PM

2 words


stephan 02-05-2013 9:30 PM

I've been surprised with how well my Ducks have played so far. Its been awesome to see the young guys play so well.

02ssv 02-07-2013 9:52 AM

LETS GO PENS! With this sprint of a season it will be intresting on who gets in the playoffs.

michridr69 02-08-2013 11:34 AM

2 things that wont succeed....Detroit...Redwings. :(

4Nash 02-08-2013 3:16 PM

My Caps are having a rough start...

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