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rj_jr 01-01-2009 1:12 PM

I am looking to buy a 2008 model wakeboard and bindings for this summer. I have it down to the Liquid Force Watson and the Slingshot Recoil. I want to put CWB Zeus or Liquid Force Vantage bindings on which ever board I choose. I am 6ft. and 170 pounds. With these two options which setup would you choose.

gunnertom4593 01-01-2009 1:31 PM

Because of the 08 CWB plate, you won't be able to put the bindings all the way out on the watson or the recoil. The plate is 6 inches and the holes are set up for 8 inch plates. So i think that takes the zeus out of the equation IMO. Out of the watson and the recoil I have not ridden the recoil but have heard good things, and the watson is a great board. <BR>So bottom line I say go with Watson/Vantage Combo. I have recommendations for others if you want them but out of those two thats my opinion.

jasonpav 01-01-2009 2:26 PM

cwb makes awesome bindings, but I'm not entirely sure how well they'd work with that board.

stephan 01-01-2009 2:57 PM

If you go with a Slingshot the flex gurus will tell you that you are missing some of the flex properties by having a wider, more traditional plate. I'd say it's probably not a huge deal breaker. IMO if you are thinking Watson I'd recommend the CWB Transcend, all around better board. Of the two boards I'd say it depends on your skill, personally I think Slingshot boards are a little tougher if you don't have the fundamentals of edging etc. down.

rj_jr 01-01-2009 4:07 PM

Should I buy a 138 or 142

wakerider111 01-01-2009 9:19 PM

142 recoil <BR> <BR>i know you said you are looking at '08 models but i am thinking it is possible that the '09 boards are set up to benefit 6" mounting best. i am not entirely certain that the traditional-mounting inserts on the (2009) recoil are set up for the 8 inch pattern any more. when i look at the PICTURES it looks like the bolts are closer to the 4 hole mounting pack for '09 than '08. i recently sent slingshot an e-mail asking about this as well as other things hopefully they can help us out, or maybe a rep will get on here and tell us for sure, because a picture is just that, a picture. <BR> <BR>most of the flex is in the tip and tails. the flex there should not be affected too much by "traditional-mounted" bindings. <BR> <BR>--------------------------------------------------- <BR>there is a photo of the 08 and 09 side by side on here, at the bottom <a href="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/1/654114.html?1230154773" target="_blank">http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/1/654114.html?1230154773</a> that i posted so you can see what i am talking about

wakerider111 01-01-2009 9:28 PM

of the binding choices i think i would personally go vantage, those things are sooo cushy!!! <BR> <BR>but most important, ask yourself if you want a soft flexible boot (vantage) or a stiffer boot (zeus) <BR> ohh and ask yourself also if you want closed toe or not. vantages are open (except for the '09 limited ones), and the zeus are closed

joshbuzz 01-01-2009 9:47 PM

Vantages with the 142 recoil! Bigger is better with flex, vantages are cushy, and easy, and the flex rides like a dream. It will help your riding. you will edge better therefore do everything better! takes a week or two to get used to, but after that it's money!

byrd 01-02-2009 4:00 PM

CWB will send you some adaptors to fit most boards. Give them a call and they will help you out. I have them on my 08 Answers on an 07 Absolute

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