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cwbx993 01-26-2008 12:26 PM

im a freshman in highschool and for a project we have to do a report on a career that interests us. Does anybody know of some good or interesting careers in wakeboarding(besides going pro) <BR>Thank you

wakereviews 01-26-2008 12:34 PM

owner of boat dealership, boat manufacturer, board manufacturer, accessories, etc. Designers in all those fields. Just think of everything that goes into each product that you own that you use to wakeboard from the boat to laces on your bindings...

parkgirl 01-26-2008 12:45 PM

If I were to have a career in the industry I would want to be: <BR>head of marketing/advertising/ web design; team management, event coordinating and/or product design. Just some more ideas for you!

joshbuzz 01-26-2008 1:16 PM

Andrea had some good ones!! Being a rep would be nice to, I'm pretty jealous of Brian at Hyperlite, or Justin at Slingshots job, they travel around, meet people, ride, and sell an awesome product!! <BR> <BR>And they're some of the coolest guys out there!!

wakesnow1 01-26-2008 2:06 PM


behindtheboat 01-26-2008 2:36 PM

other than marketing and journalism side there is the boat manufacturer engineer. Thats a cool project for a freshman class.

soak_up_the_sun 01-26-2008 2:36 PM

Along Andrea's line, I would like to sign up as "team mom". I guess you could call it team management and event coordinating, and/or chief cook. That would be a great job, and I would be great at it.

bill_sloan 01-26-2008 3:08 PM

I wish I was 15 again. Just to be able to decide on a different career path.

isler 01-26-2008 5:52 PM

There is always photography and cinematography.

lovin_the_wake 01-26-2008 7:10 PM

Cable Park ?

solo 01-26-2008 10:08 PM

I'm with isler on this one.

bmartin 01-28-2008 12:18 PM

I think the most common would be on the retail side at a board shop, marina, or boat shop where you could be sales clerk up through management positions. Also could be writer, editor, or reporter for the mags. David Williams also seems to have a pretty cozy job in the industry! <BR> <BR>Travel is cool when you are young, but it gets old after a few.

andy_nintzel 01-28-2008 12:58 PM

I got a good buddy that is the managing editor of wakeboard magazine I can hook you up with him if you need to interview any one for the project.

alevitt 01-28-2008 1:44 PM

I'm the editor of SBC Wakeboard Magazine, Canada's leading wake publication. Let me know if you have any questions. And I've been a wake photographer for about ten years as well. <BR> <BR>Cheers <BR>Adam

da_moose 01-28-2008 1:53 PM

you can make boards !!!!!!! <BR>I had a Class in "How to Make Surfbords" In High school.

liquidmx 01-28-2008 1:56 PM

Since we are on the topic....Anyone looking for a 25y/o C.P.A. that could also ride/compete in the expert division? Haha.

needwake 01-28-2008 2:16 PM

hijack on/ Adam, do you know John Bryja? I play hockey with him (tonight actually) <BR>/end hijack

26lacefield 01-28-2008 2:24 PM

i think it would be really fun to be a rep. for a boat manufacture or a board manufacture. besides when they are out for 3 months of boat shows.

mnwakerider 01-28-2008 3:00 PM

I started working as a sales clerk in a pro shop and now moved into web sales/development. Its a definite and realistic path. If you want some info shot me a line and I can help you out with anything!

romes 01-28-2008 3:01 PM

i think it would be fun to be a team manager/rider...silas thurman has probably one of the sickest jobs out right now... <BR> <BR>he's ridin and basically a babysitter for all of the nike 6.0 babies...raw...

boarditup 01-28-2008 4:22 PM

I build engineered wakeboard lakes.

liquidmx 01-28-2008 5:58 PM

I think its safe to say that anything in the industry which involves being on a boat as a job is probably killer.

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