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rmm025 07-07-2010 10:46 AM

Audio Novice Needs Advice
I have a new system coming in. Sony Marine HU, 17Wrms x 4. 4 KM6200's rated 65Wrms each. Will the HU push these speakers fine or do I need to amp them? I can get a really good deal on a 4ch marine JBL putting out 60Wrms/ch. Which one of the following would be best if I do this? Send the 60Wrms to each kicker, or send 2 ch, 30Wrms to each kicker and bridge the other 2ch's sending 120Wrms to a sub. Don't really want to add another amp to power a sub, and I still might put a powered sub in later if I run the 60W to each speaker, just not right now. BTW, all 4ohm.

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