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wakeworld 11-29-2007 11:24 PM

I just got this from Ronn at Sidewayz and the voting ends tonight (Friday) at midnight... <BR> <BR>Hey you guys, you probably know that we are entered in a online film contest. Well, we won the quarter finals, we won The semifinals and now we have a chance to win to whole thing. <BR> <BR>Please goto <a href="http://www.ourstage.com" target="_blank">http://www.ourstage.com</a>. You must register. It is a little bit of work, but we would love to get your vote! <BR> <BR>You the go to Video and then click on Judge. You must watch both videos for at least 15 seconds before you vote. After you have seen each clip once, you don't have to watch it again, when it comes up again in another round. You will be able to place your vote 91 times. It will probably take you 20 minutes, but we would really appreciate the support. <BR> <BR>Our film is called <i>Transgression</i>. Thanks Sooooo much. <BR> <BR>WE ONLY HAVE TILL MIDNIGHT FRIDAY NIGHT eastern time 9PM West Coast!!!!!!! That is less than 24 hour from now.

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