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sanger215guy 09-24-2006 9:56 PM

What a killer day, Thanks to all who showed up and rode, watched and helped turn this out. For those who did show up a special treat having Shane Bonifay on site mingling with the crowd and signing autographs. Good luck with the knee bud, I wish you the best. <BR>Huge thanks to our sponsors: Delta Sport Boats, Neptune Audio, CIE, Westside Connection, Lost Pro Audio, Delta Wakeboard Camp, DPC Films, Buywake.com, 220 films, West Marine, NVS, Liquid Trends, West Coast Board wear, Nice Rack, Supra, Straight line, Squared Off Designs, Wet Sounds, Liquid Accoustic, And all of the DRA help. Most important thanks to you riders for coming out and showing off. <BR> <BR>Stay tuned for next year and the BIG plans we have for you all, I will post up some pics as soon as I download them.

dcervenka 09-24-2006 10:01 PM

Gary! Awesome series! Thanks for letting TCF/DPC be a part of the event! <BR> <BR>btw - Please shoot me an email with the addresses for the winners for the TCF giveaway when you get a chance! I also heard that a young girl won one of the packages.. stoked to hear that!

sanger215guy 09-24-2006 10:24 PM

Dave, <BR> <BR>Hopefully you have mail. I am having some computer issues.

dcervenka 09-24-2006 10:26 PM

got the email with the winners! Thanks!

wakeeater 09-24-2006 11:18 PM

good job guys with the last off the point for the year. i get to devolop my pictures of the event tommorow and if im feeling generous i'll scan them in and post them

_jason_ 09-24-2006 11:19 PM

Yeah seriosuly. What a fun event. Im pooped but it was an awesome day. Thanks to all who came out! Also big thanks to all the riders - they threw down... Great day i can't wait for next year!

bigpapaf1f 09-25-2006 2:30 PM

Great job guys!!!!! We had a great time as always!!! Can't wait for next season!!!!! <BR> <BR>So where are the pics???

wakeeater 09-25-2006 3:17 PM

i got my negatives developed should have some prints on wedsday if i don't print the ones from when we decided to leave and go ride

stevev210 09-25-2006 4:52 PM

What happend to Shanes knee?

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