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wake2end 05-20-2004 9:51 AM

When are more pictures or videos going to come out from the Double or NOthing Contest? The only pictures I've seen are from the gallery here, is anything more official gonna come out?

wakestar8878 05-20-2004 1:21 PM

sequences.....lets see some sequences.

wake2end 05-20-2004 1:54 PM

yeah totally agree, wanna see some harris and shapiro's triple front attempts

gbphantom 05-20-2004 8:17 PM

Harris was trying triple fronts? I didn't hear that...

wake2end 05-20-2004 8:55 PM

No sorry I meant I wanted to see some harris sequences, only shapiro was tryin the triple fronts <BR>

cenfla 05-21-2004 8:11 PM

ryan g <BR>just to let you know, the footage will be shown on the fox sports network in a little while i will let you know when it will be on. also there will be extensive footage on a dvd that will be sold in a box set with the next pointless vid entitled MIXTAPE that will drop in a couple months

malibuboarder75 05-22-2004 10:28 PM

that sounds awesome cenfla...definately leave a post before it comes on fox

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