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Jake 11-19-2012 7:48 PM

Sub question
I currently have a kicker cvr 12 inch sub in a sealed box. I'm thinking of going to a kicker l7 in a ported box. Keep in mind this is in a pontoon boat...my question is the cvr is 400 rms sub. The l7 is a 750 rms sub. Will there be any advantage to switching subs.say they are in a proper box is the l7 gonna be worth changing subs and amps. The sub is under driver console and points out to the left side of boat..I listen to rap rock country. I usually only use the sub on rap songs with lots of bass but when I do use it I want it loud. Do you think the switch will be worth it or keep what I got. Thanks

Truekaotik 11-19-2012 8:06 PM

What are you looking for? That's my question. :) Just venting the sub will make a audiable difference. Then adding more power will as well.. This all uses atleast some of your current system.. Now dropping all that and adding a L7 and the power is a chunk of change and yes you'll notice a difference to your current set up. Is the cost worth it, depends on you bro? More info will help?

Elliottsx80 11-19-2012 8:16 PM

if i was you i would post some pics. i started a thread kinda like this a few weeks ago. let these stereo gurus see what they are working with. im sure david and some others will chime in sometime or another. and thats like talking to spock. i have to use google to translate their language but they seem to know there stuff. honostly i got sick of all the guess work and cutting holes in my boat and took mine to earmark.

david_e_m 11-19-2012 9:55 PM

Placing the horse before the cart.....
If the pontoon is an outboard then you have to find out whether you have a stator or an alternator and exactly what kind of continuous current capacity you have available. If you are primarily battery-driven and completely dependent on shore power for restoration then this is going to enter into the equation.
It will be pointless to add more amplification then you can support with stable current.
Bass demands A LOT of power.
My first instinct on a pontoon would be to prioritize efficiency and responsiveness with a moderate mass subwoofer. Woofers with greater power handling and greater excursions usually mean heavier voice coils and longer voice coils. And the internal efficiency of the higher power/higher excursion woofer often goes down. Again, your ability to supply adequate current for the duration is going to be a major factor.
In any case, a bass-reflex enclosure is going to give you an extra 3 dB output over a sealed enclosure, even more if you run a peaky alignment (which I cannot tolerate personally). That will be the equivalent of doubling your amplifier power. So in your situation I would consider this as a must do.
Class D amplifier efficiency would be another must have in this application.
Go for the efficiency and responsiveness first. Worry less about the power handling number.
Power handling doesn't necessarily translate to more output.

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