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blowhole 05-24-2010 8:05 PM

Quick PP ?
I got perfectpass with paddle wheel. The display is working showing speed and what I want it to run at. But I cant get it to go from off to on. The button wont work, I hold it down i press it once nothing. Am i missing something? Do i have to unwind it before it can work?

blowhole 05-25-2010 7:31 AM

by unwinding i mean lifting the engine cover and turning that dial that has the cable wraped around it.....

ryanw209 05-25-2010 7:37 AM

sounds to me like the on/off button is jacked. I've heard of the buttons not working a few times on here. Call up PP and tell them the situation. I just got mine fixed.

blowhole 05-25-2010 7:59 AM

F this is seriously the second time i used it since i got the boat, which is an 04 dont know if it came with it or was an add on. thanks for the response though

mlb75 05-27-2010 8:19 AM

if its only been used a couple times since 04 that may be part of the problem, generally things don't like to sit for that long. From what I've heard though if you call up the folks at PP they can probably get you going again.

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