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shavis 08-17-2005 12:52 PM

I am currently riding an 04 Byerly 142 and was wondering what would be differnt from this board if i changed to a premier....thanks

wakeboarder123 08-17-2005 6:51 PM

i own the premeir and demoed the byerly i found the byler a real loose and wobbly feel the premeir is more solid i like the premeir a lot better

wakeriderixi 08-17-2005 7:00 PM

you found the Byerly to be Loose and wobbly???????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????????/

wake_upppp 08-17-2005 7:13 PM

Weebbles wobble but they don't fall down.<img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/rofl.gif" border=0>

tyboarder03 08-17-2005 8:15 PM

I've ridden the premiere and i like it a lot, but I'd never trade my Byerly for it. The premiere when compared to your Byerly, is gonna be a little bit slower, still very good tracking, but you also wont feel it pop as much, so you'll have to try harder to go big. I have both the 2003 Byerly 137, and i recently have been on the 2005 Byerly 142, and i love both of them, but the old Byerly shape definitely takes the cake. Good luck with whatever you go with though. <BR>~Tyler~

supermangan 08-18-2005 1:26 AM

The byerly is alot faster in the water, an all round more aggressive board. I'm not going to say that it has more pop, but the premier is slower and you really have to do a slow progressive cut to get the pop out of it. Personally the Premier is to slow for me, my friends do great on it but the byerly is an easier board to ride. It is lighter and the landings are softer in my opinion. The Premier is a great board for a more predictable rider with a more smooth style. I say the byerly, but based on the type of rider you are is what you should go with. It will be a big change for you though. <BR> <BR>brandon mangan

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