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11-20-2003 10:31 AM

Is there anyone wanting to give lessons in Oklahoma? <BR>

wakehype 11-20-2003 10:57 PM

If you come to Fresno Cali I will give you some free pulls and lessons <IMG SRC="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/happy.gif" ALT=":-)" BORDER=0>

11-21-2003 6:15 AM

yeah i live in oklahoma and as sad as it is to say this i don't know anyone better than me. i am not that good either, actually i think "i suck" does a better job of describing my skill level. <BR>but i would love to take a few lessons. behind a good boat would be nice too. <BR> <BR>o and what part of oklahoma are you from derick?

11-21-2003 9:55 AM

I suck too I was needing the lessons. I am also from Locust Grove.

11-21-2003 3:06 PM

i am from muskogee

11-28-2003 8:13 PM

guess that means nobody gives lessons in oklahoma? <BR>

12-17-2003 5:10 PM

I live in Tx..... <BR>If you go to a place calles Texas Ski Ranch you can have great lesson and a really fun time. I dont know where Locus Grove is but its probably at least an 7-8 hr. drive so take a weekend off next summer and check it out. and oh ya its near New Branfuls.....Check da site> <a href="http://texasskiranch.com" target="_blank">http://texasskiranch.com</a>

nosebleed 04-21-2004 4:11 PM

Does anyone know of any good/cheap ski schools preferably nearby UT?

04-21-2004 6:50 PM

If you have a boat, I live about an hour outside ok and have a friend going to Southwestern Oklahoma college that is really good

wetrooster 04-22-2004 10:21 AM

Hey Guy's I'll be coming through your area this summer. Get in touch with your local Supra/Moomba dealer and they can book time in your area through their rep. or watch my web site to know when I'll be near you. <a href="http://www.thewakeboardcoach.com" target="_blank">www.thewakeboardcoach.com</a> <BR>See ya soon, <BR>Briscoe

tparider 04-22-2004 3:52 PM

Dave Briscoe is no joke fellas. I spent a couple afternoon sets with him one day a couple weeks ago and he was awesome. Great explanations and patient as hell...

ridn9high 04-23-2004 8:23 AM

Hey I am heading out that way in the summer, around the end of July. Maybe we can hook up and I can help you out. I am going to Madill, which is in Southern Oklahoma. About an 1-1/2 hours south of Oklahoma City.

07-14-2004 12:44 PM

I live in OKC and have a good boat (1998 Supra Comp) close by (30 mins on a private lake). If anyone is interested in giving me and a friend some pointers I can get you the boat and gas all day.

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