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jdhart73 08-20-2011 9:00 PM

2010 CWB Faction good beginner-Int. board?
Is the 2010 CWB Faction a good Beg-Int. Board?
They have a board and boot combo on EVO for like $275 right now, seems like a hell of a deal!

cwb4me 08-21-2011 7:46 AM

I had a Faction. It was a good board,i just prefer the Marius.It fits my style of riding better.

stephan 08-21-2011 4:16 PM

I enjoy the Faction and think its a good board for beginners, especially with the stock fins. I rode mine this morning and still love the shape, I put smaller .7 fins on it and prefer it. Definitely a steal at that price.

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