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taft 08-03-2010 4:08 PM

Muffler Rattle has me worried
Hey everyone,

I hope someone has encountered this before.

I have a new, 2009 350 Black Scorpion DTS CAT engine in a v-drive boat. I definitely did not heae this sound before, but when idling the muffler rattles loudly (the horizontal tube that funnels the two exhaust tubes to the exhaust pipes?). It seems to be associated with low RPMs, as when you start the boat it is at it's loudest, settling to a lower level at idle. When given gas the rattle disappears. It is unsettling to hear, and I would think that a loud rattle shouldn't be expected in a new engine. I took the boat to my dealer and they gave a look into it. They didn't know what was causing it, but said that everything looked fine.

Anyone have an opinion on what could cause this? Or if this is anything to think twice about?

Appreciate the help!

roomservice 08-03-2010 5:07 PM

what brand is the muffler?

99_slaunch 08-03-2010 5:56 PM

Did they do any thing for you?

taft 08-03-2010 7:48 PM

They charged me $150 to say I could still use my boat.

I don't know about the brand. I wish I had a picture, or something, as I don't have access to the boat for another week or so.

99_slaunch 08-03-2010 7:56 PM

What! No warranty? I don't know if I would go back to them after charging $150 and not being able to tell you what the problem is.

wakebdr2002 08-04-2010 1:14 PM

Sounds like one of the baffles in the muffler broke. Gonna make an annoying sound but prob wont hurt anything. Was muffler drained whenwinterized? If not freezing water can cack the baffles.

taft 08-04-2010 1:58 PM

The boat was running great, up til a couple days ago. While we haven't used it a ton since winter, we have put about 4 weekends in before "something" broke.

roomservice 08-04-2010 3:04 PM

if you're mechanical at all, just take the muffler off and look at the insides, if the baffle is broken it's pretty obvious. the baffle is shaped sort of like a big flat old school telephone. Not hard to do the r&r at all and should answer at least that question anyway.

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