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stoked_32 06-18-2012 9:12 AM

06' X-Star
Was browsing boats online and came acros this screamin deal.

Not my listing, just thought I'd be nice & share since this doesn't fit my criteria. I dunno, might be too cheap, which normally means somethings fishy.


polarbill 06-18-2012 9:33 AM

has to be a scam.

MattieK27 06-18-2012 9:38 AM

It is, saw this exact boat in another ad from a different state.

brazosfreak05 06-18-2012 11:31 AM

I am not even going to look at the ad but my guess is that it is the 40th year addition for around 40 something thousand. If that’s the boat which you speak off it has been on craigslist listed in all different states. I saw probably 3 months ago on a craigslist site in Florida.

brazosfreak05 06-18-2012 11:32 AM


bjames 06-26-2012 3:49 PM

Yup... In canada there was a 40th Aniversary X-Star for $35K posted in all major cities. I emailed the guy. He said the boat is located in this city and he is in the states and asked if wanted to buy it... Got to be a scam?

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