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mstar 06-05-2004 7:15 PM

what makes a beginner board for beginners and advanced boards so advanced. sounds stupid but i mean differevt edges, fins, or what?

bill 06-05-2004 7:35 PM

nope your right its stupid and not really the general outlook for most boarders...some boards are a little more advanced as far as rocker sizes,speed,shapes and various other elelments but that doesnt mean anybody who are starting out shouldnt or couldnt ride it.. <BR> <BR>the reason there are cheaper boards stamped beginner is that most new riders dont have a style and know what board to choose as of yet so their first choice may not be the one they stick with very long..so buying something a little easier to ride and cheaper is just what some choose until they learn what there needs are.. <BR> <BR>all that said theres no reason beginners couldnt jump on a high end pro model and do well on it and maybe it will help shape their style and they can grow with the board.. <BR> <BR>anyway hope that helps and thats just my oppinion..

bradb 06-06-2004 4:02 PM

Bill &amp; Justin, <BR>The high end boards of today tend to be more forgiving and easier to ride by beginners than the pro models from a few years ago. However, I think that there is some merit in buying a beginner board for beginner riders. The properties that advanced riders might look for in a board (sharp edges for a stronger edge into the wake for example) may be a hinderance for a beginner working on surface spins and basic wake jumps. A board with rounder edges will tend to be more forgiving and less likely to "catch an edge" when a beginner executes a move with less than perfect technique. <BR>While newer boards are certainly designed to be easier (more forgiving) to ride than older boards (ever try to ride a skurfer!?), buying a parks board does not mean that you will ride like parks! <BR>I guess it is just my experience that beginner riders progress faster and with less frustration on a board more suited to their skill level. (and its easier on their wallets!) <BR>B <BR>

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