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07-06-2001 6:31 PM

How high do your bunny hops have to be for you to do a 180? thanx 4 ne info.

thats what its called 07-06-2001 6:44 PM

not very high. i can alley over bouyes in the water very easily and ollie 180 (thats what its called) easily. dont worry when u spin it seems like u have more time in the air.

07-24-2001 6:39 PM

The way I learned is to ollie and cut at the same time. Much like you would do if you were to do an ollie 180 on a skateboard.

08-01-2001 1:05 PM

Try it outside the wake with tension on the line and you will find that you Ollie higher. Then when you get started going up, let go with the lead hand and you will spin around. Blake is right, it will seem like you are in the air longer.

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