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drknute3 09-12-2008 3:05 PM

Can go w2w hs pretty easy and have been spending time riding switch. (I ride goofy) I can get up switch and surface 180 back to goofy, but want to try some one wake 180's. Would it be easier to start goofy and land switch or start switch and land back to my normal goofy position? <BR> <BR>Tried a few one wake 180's from my normal goofy but keep landing way on my back foot and fall on my arse. Am I correct in thinking that my 180's should be rotated closkwise when starting goofy? If I start switch and try to 180 off the starboard wake should I rotate CW or CCW? <BR> <BR>Thanks <BR>Bill

tcaz 09-12-2008 4:00 PM

first off, get comfortable riding switch so you will know how to ride off whenever you land. progress from surface 180s, bunnyhop 180s, one wake 180s (each one increasing in distance), then take them wake to wake. when doing them off the wake, i would suggest doing them toeside first because the spin and landing are easier. When doing a t/s 180, you land with your chest facing towards the boat opposed to a h/s 180 where your chest is pointing away from the boat. some things to remember are it is only a swift movement of the handle from one hip to the other. As you move the handle, your hips will rotate automatically. So keep your chest up, and keep that handle at your hips. In a regular t/s jump, its natural for your hips to want to unwind so that you land with your chest facing the boat and by not resisting this unwinding, it is what makes the spin for this 180 much easier than a h/s 180.

drknute3 09-13-2008 9:45 AM

So I get the idea of how a ts 180 is easier due to natural rotation, but is it better to start switch and land in your regular stance or vice versa?

helix_rider 09-13-2008 11:04 AM

Bill, I think starting the TS180 riding regular and landing switch is much easier than any other 180. I wouldn't attempt the switch HS 180 until you can do a regular HS 180...and switch TS is just plain hard....awkward on all levels. <BR> <BR>My tips for your 180s. <BR> <BR>1. For me, alot of it was in the handle position/movement. Start riding regular and approach the wake TS, trying to keep the handle low down, and as close to your hip as possible. AFTER you jump, simply relax the pressure you had trying to hold that handle to your hip, and it will unwind you and you'll stick it. If you can jump the wake TS, the TS 180 will come quickly. <BR> <BR>For the HS 180...I try to do the 180 on the way down...my TS 180 starts early in comparison...I try to do HS late. The tip that taught me the HS 180 was to let go of the handle with my lead hand, then turn the handle 90 degrees down and literally pretend I'm trying to jam it into an imaginary holster on my hip (like a gunslinger putting his pistol away). Once I started doing that, I quit slipping out on the landings and got over my toes properly to continue edging into the flats. <BR> <BR>Best of luck man...work on those TS 180s next time out. If you have big fins on your board...take them off!

drknute3 09-13-2008 8:28 PM

Went out for a few sets tonight and worked on my 180's. Spent some time riding switch and working on ts one wake jumps. Last one I decided to try the 180 and although it wasnt anything spectacular, I landed a one wake toeside 180. Next thing is start working my ts jumps w2w and trying to incorporate the 180. Thanks for the help guys.

johnsvt 09-14-2008 3:43 AM

Loren is on the right path Bill...just think of putting the handle into your back pocket when going from H/S to T/S.

drknute3 09-14-2008 10:29 AM

Landed 6 ts 180's in a row this morning!!! All of them were just off one wake and landed in the niddle. Super stoked! Now gonna work on getting the regular ts jump going w2w and then see if i can throw some ts w2w 180's. <BR> <BR>Would like to be able to throw a ts 180 w2w, then ollie back to regular in the flats and then go back hs and try a grab. Whats the easiest grab to try on a hs w2w jump?

wakeboardertj 09-16-2008 5:38 PM

well, tindy is the easiest since its straight down, but go for an indy instead. tail grabs are also quite easy. for style go for the stalefish. <BR> <BR>i learned hs 180s first, just seemed natural for me. the key is landing on your ts edge, if you land flat on the board or on your hs edge you will slide out.

linz 10-01-2008 1:21 PM

Bill. My suggestion would be to learn all four 180s one wake. It helps to know how to take off and land on every edge when you are progressing to new tricks. Get them all solid one wake and then progress wake to wake on each. Sounds like you are off to a great start!

smithy 03-09-2009 1:45 AM

hey guys ive been trying hs bs 180 i get the spin but lose the handle anytips

otown_dave 03-09-2009 3:51 PM

When I go from heal switch 180 to regular it seem so much easier as that's the way you normally ride so you body automatically wants to bring back were it's comfortable

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