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sid7 01-26-2004 7:15 AM

Where is the best place to buy vid' from? <BR>I was wanting to get Blacklist and Welcome (when it comes out).. <BR>Also, been trying to get a hold of WAKETV, I have left messeges and even ordered off line: no reponse at all!

d_o_double_g 01-26-2004 1:43 PM

I have had very good luck with <a href="http://www.boardflix.com/" target="_blank">Boardflix.com</a> <BR>Both dvd's arrived sooner than I had expected.

xtremebordgurl 01-26-2004 3:57 PM

Buywake is usually pretty good too, I've never been disapointed.

flixmaster 02-02-2004 2:33 PM

We are taking pre-orders right now for Welcome.. We also have a Welcome combo that includes the Under the Radar book.. <BR> <BR>I have been told by our distributor that they are still on target for the Feb 15 release date.

dakid 02-02-2004 2:35 PM


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