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Reez 10-11-2013 5:39 AM

Help me fix some "quirks" with my tantrum, bs 180 and backroll:)
These I tricks i land but I am seeing some issues that could be corrected to improve my consistency.

Tantrum- I have a hard time taking this straight up to allow me to grab. I always end up taking it into the flats . A lot of times when my boas hits the water I am slightly over rotated and will fall backwards. Does this have to do with the weight distribution in my feet when I throw the trick? I feel like all my momentum throws me "backwards "....

Backroll- sometimes i hit the wake and just end up rotating out of control to a roll and a half almost. Even when I purposely try to load the line less. Is my angle at the wake too sharp? Throwing it too much off my rear foot?

Bs 180- this trick has cause me a lot of pain. I am patient and grab before rotating , but I usually end up getting slightly off axis and nose diving a bid which causes some gnarly wrecks. Am I passing the handle too high? Not tight enoug to my back?

Lol I know this is a lot but I just figured this would be the place to help me fix these issues!

T_A 10-11-2013 8:21 PM

For the tantrum in order to grab I basically had to re-learn the trick. You have to square up more but also have to do more of a pop them bring you legs up and throw your head back. Right now I'm assuming you are throwing you head back off the top of the wake like most people do when learning this trick. When grabbing its more like leave wake, legs up, grab, then throw head back. Until I trusted myself to do this I was constantly chasing the grab.

I can't help on backroll. Mine is very "Mexican" and I can't seem to correct that lol

On the bs 1 key is wait, wait, wait. Throw it at the last second. I sometimes take off a little tail heavy, and after rotating that leaves the nose a little higher in the air so you shouldn't take as many nose diggers

Hope this helps some...

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