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lakesideluver 09-22-2003 12:46 PM

Is it me or is this the absolute best time of year? ever since labor day my lake has been completely empty....even on the weekends!!! smooth like butta i dont even have to hug the shore i can just point the boat one direction and go, is it just me?

bandit33 09-22-2003 12:55 PM

It's not just you..... we got out later than usual this weekend and still had great water all day. The crowds do start thinning out this time of year. It's great....

thane_dogg 09-22-2003 12:56 PM

I don't know man. My lake has been pretty much horrible lately. Although there weren't the usual 10 wakeboarding boats out on the lake at 6am yesterday, there were only about 6, but 4 of them were doing power turns. I rode all the way around the lake and just as I'm coming to a glassy corner, two jet-skis zoom by and start doing 100 yard zig-zags chasing each other back and forth about 200 yards ahead of us. I just said oh well. Time to surf. The last 2 times out on the lake, I've done twice as much surfing as I have wakeboarding.

jarrod 09-22-2003 1:10 PM

Totally. I was on the Delta Friday. We were the only wakeboard boat out there. I had some of the best water of the season! The glass went for miles and miles.

wakeboard_iraq 09-22-2003 2:09 PM

I was on the Colorado river this weekend at Parker and it SUCKED!!!!! Boats everywhere - one large boat ran over a smaller one (3 deaths) and a PWC came within a couple feet of hitting me when I was down. After that we gave up and came home.

scottyb 09-22-2003 2:44 PM

My lake has also been sweet, a little colder but i will take that anyday over crowded. Great time of year. <BR> <BR>(Message edited by scottyb on September 22, 2003)

lakesideluver 09-22-2003 2:53 PM

i have noticed mendota glass everytime i drive by it, bet that is cold but worth it

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