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10-28-2006 4:11 PM

i had it recommended to me for my wife. has anyone seen it. it is supposed to be really neat looking. if anyone has a pic please post it. thanks in advance.

antbug 10-28-2006 4:33 PM

I'm looking a the 07 dealer book and there is no Jett binding. The Jett board/binding combo is with the Minx binding. There is a new Melissa binding for 07.

criswb 11-01-2006 8:23 AM

There is no Jett binding, but I did see in all the pics of Surf Expo some bindings that matched perfectly that werent the Melissa Limited Edition, so Im guessing they were the Minx LE?

manda 11-03-2006 4:42 AM

i thought that they were the melissa limited edition!!

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