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JustinH13 09-25-2019 8:28 AM

Moby Dick help
I used to be able to do Moby Dicks, like 10 years ago. Then I stopped riding for awhile. Now, I'm trying them again but can't land it. I can get the handle, but the last 180 comes around very slow and I can't get it all the way around quite enough. I remember back to when I did land them that, when I did things right, the last 180 would just snap around effortlessly.

Any suggestions for what I'm doing wrong?

wakeeater2003 09-26-2019 4:25 AM

I am kind of in your boat. I am doing a lot of handle pass tantrum to blinds but getting that last 180 can be challenging for me. A couple things I am working on:
1. bringing my legs up when I leave the wake to speed my rotation.
2. Pulling the handle across my body on landing. (I usually land crossed up)

Interested what works for you to get it dialed.

I have never had it ultra consistent.

elliottdollar 09-26-2019 4:29 AM

Justin, when you pass the handle, turn your head in the direction you're going. Your chin should almost touch your rear shoulder. I suspect your momentum is stopping because your head might not be turning enough. You can also consider loading your front foot with a touch more weight edging into the wake or a stronger tug on the line after you pass the handle. Hope that helps! Good luck - you got this!!!

wakeeater2003 09-27-2019 3:17 AM

Going to bust some of these out later today. As stated I have the handle pass tantrum to blinds pretty good right now so we will see.

mike_schwenne 09-28-2019 4:10 AM

I agree with all the above tips as well.

What helps me is tripping harder at the wake. I edge in like Iím going to take the trick into the flats, and then try to flatten off as late as possible switching edges. The later and faster I feel that I switch my edge the more I feel it sends me straight up , which gets rid of rope tension and spins me faster. I feel like my trip, plus handle pass does most the trick for me. When I keep my eyes open(sometime I admit I donít), i look over over my rear ear to keep the rotation.

wakeeater2003 09-30-2019 9:12 AM

Tried a couple this past weekend but basically rode like crap. I was edge changing too early and overall just a mess. I had one or two that I probably should have landed but just decided to fall over. Pretty amazing how that extra frontside 180 is screwing it up for me.

Is this the "Mike Schweene", if so I wake board on Tulloch with a lot of the kids you train. I took a kid named Cameron out the other weekend that goes to your camp and got him to land tantrum to fakie on his 5th try. Pretty fun. Everyone says the camp is great. My 6 year old is shredding pretty good right now and we will be sending him your way in a year of two.

Good luck with the Moby Dicks!!!

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