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bill 11-02-2012 9:27 AM

board feedback ASAP!
ok i broke anothe bside this year makes two but the shop doesnt have another in stock but they have a Marek and a murray along with some hybrids. i like the feel of the bside as it was a lot like the old s4 i rode so which Hyoperlite board has aride similar to the Bside or S4?

if you cant compare but ride one of these boards tell me in detail how each ride in your own words.. pop, speed, loose/tight , weight etc etc..

going to shop in a few hours so need fast feedback :P

thx TIA


Andrew14 11-02-2012 11:28 AM

Bill - I just got the 2013 Marek Nova, so I can comment on it. It is fairly fast (but probably on the slow side for a Continuous Rocker board, but faster than a 3 Stage), very tight feeling (board has many channels, pockets, etc. on the underside and as well as some huge bolt on P-Wing fins (1.0"), great predictable pop (pops very smoothly), and lands pretty soft (especially if you case the wake, it just crushes right through it). Board feels like it rides pretty deep in the water which is nice for rough water riding. The only LF boards I have ridden are a Watson Classic, Watson Hybrid, Substance and PS3.....its definitely tighter than all of those, slower than the PS3 and Watson Hybrid, but lands smoother than all of them.

Hope this helps some.

bill 11-03-2012 5:14 PM

well all they had for me to demo is the Marek Nova 2011maybe or 2012 not sure but its black and orange and a 2012 murray bio ..ill take them out tomorrow to ride and post some feedback...

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