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Houstonshark 10-05-2012 5:20 PM

New Wet Sounds Sinister Amps!
I placed an order for a SD2, SD4 and SD6 as soon as I heard about the new Wet Sounds Sinister amps back at the beginning of the summer. I loved everything I saw and heard about them and the new MAXED power supply at the time. Looking over the specs, I realized that I could reduce my current system from 6 amps (4 JL MHD750/1, HD1200/1 and M200/2) down to 3 and almost have the same amount of power but with a lot less current draw.

A handful of the SD6's (6 x 185 @ 4ohms, 6 x 290 @ 2ohms or 3 x 585 bridged @ 4ohms) came in yesterday and mine was one of them. A couple of the SD2's and SD4's will be in next week and hopefully mine will be a part of that initial small shipment.

I hope to find the time to get them installed next week. Once I do, I will report back as to how they perform and will post some more pics. I held off building a nice amp rack once I found out about these amps, so once I get them in, that will be next on the list.

The amp is fairly heavy and looks to be really well built and very clean and slick looking. Here are a couple pics of the SD6:








polarbill 10-05-2012 7:19 PM

I love the idea of the SD6. For those that want a great inboat surf setup you can rock a single SD6 running ~150 watts to each of 4 interiors, almost 600 to a sub and 185 to a set of ICON8's. I love the idea of that setup.

I see that amp as the perfect setup for the stock mastercraft setup. Each interior M770 and each(if you have 4) tower M770 get 150 watts each and the sub would get 600 although you may want to upgrade the sub to a W3, XS12, etc...

What is the price on an SD6? ~$1000?

h20king 10-05-2012 7:50 PM

Sweet they are on my winter upgrade list as well. I plan to run a SD4 for my 410's and a Hd6 to power my six inboat speakers. Will more than likely just keep my ARC KS 1000.1 to power my sub. X 2 on how much $$

grant_west 10-05-2012 7:59 PM

looks real nice I like the "Black Box" look its clean and simple. I like how the back of the amp is stood off or not flush with the mounting surface. And I being able to adjust the amp from face of the amp.

bryce2320 10-05-2012 8:06 PM

Didnt think about the tuning, my syn4's are hard to see the knobs to tune. Wetsounds really puts togeather some great ideas to try to be the best. Those amps do look sick and probably dont get fingerprints and scratches as easily as the syn series amps. Congrats TJ

Houstonshark 10-05-2012 8:55 PM

The SD6 is $1199, SD4 is $1099 and the SD2 is $1049.

The amp is super clean. I agree Grant. It's really nice to be able to tune the amp from the face of it.

The built in mounting feet or rails rather, are actually .5" deep which is really cool and should keep from having to use spacers.

We are going to the river tomorrow night. I'll have some time to install it but I'll probably wait and install them all at the same time.

Anyone interested in some JL amps?

Houstonshark 10-08-2012 4:39 PM

After looking the specs over a little closer, I made a design change which will net some HUGE power increases. I'm going with 2 SD6's to power the in boats and the tower. I'll keep a SD2 on the XXXV2 and a Syn Micro on the bow speakers.

SD6 #1
CH1-2 - Left Outside Rev10, 585W @ 4ohm Mono
CH3-4 - Left Inside Rev10, 585W @ 4ohm Mono
CH5-6 - Left In Boat Speakers (4 JL 7.7" components), 585W @ 4ohm Mono

SD6 #2
CH1-2 - Right Outside Rev10, 585W @ 4ohm Mono
CH3-4 - Right Inside Rev10, 585W @ 4ohm Mono
CH5-6 - Right In Boat Speakers (4 JL 7.7" components), 585W @ 4ohm Mono

That nets 2340W to the tower and 1170W to the in boats!

polarbill 10-08-2012 5:17 PM

The way you listed that it makes it sound like there are 4 7.7's on each side in the interior? Does it actually mean 4 total in the interior(cockpit anyways) with 2 on each side of the cockpit? almost 300 watts to each 7.7 compononent? That is crazy power isn't it? Also, you are going to be running more to each Rev10 than most would run to a 410. That is going to be one ridiculously loud system. I hope you got batteries like a mofo.

Houstonshark 10-08-2012 8:07 PM


Originally Posted by polarbill (Post 1788432)
The way you listed that it makes it sound like there are 4 7.7's on each side in the interior? Does it actually mean 4 total in the interior(cockpit anyways) with 2 on each side of the cockpit? almost 300 watts to each 7.7 compononent? That is crazy power isn't it? Also, you are going to be running more to each Rev10 than most would run to a 410. That is going to be one ridiculously loud system. I hope you got batteries like a mofo.

Ha. It wasn't a typo Brett. I do have 4pr of JL 7.7" components in the cockpit.

I have a Tige RZR with the Alpha Z tower so there's no real good way to mount 2 Rev410's. Tim is working on mounts for them for his new Z3 demo boat so I may be upgrading soon!

It is a lot of power but I'm hoping to slightly reduce the current draw, going from 6 amps to 4. I have 450Ahr currently. We typically only run the system with the boat running but I have played it pretty hard for 6-8 hours with the engine off and not had a problem.

I have the current system wired so that I can flip a switch to the turn on lead of each amp to turn off amps that I'm not using to conserve a little power. Mostly I'd turn off the in boats and just play the tower and subs if I wanted it really loud or if we are just chilling I'll turn off everything except the bow and sub amps. I won't have quite as much flexibility using the 2 6 channels to power the tower and in boats but I'll have more power out of just 2 amps.

delmage171 10-08-2012 8:15 PM

Hey man are you going to be selling any SYN4 Amps?

Houstonshark 10-08-2012 8:28 PM


Originally Posted by delmage171 (Post 1788484)
Hey man are you going to be selling any SYN4 Amps?

I don't have any Wet Sounds amps to sell. I'm selling 4) JL MHD750/1, a JL HD1200/1 and a JL M200/2.

Houstonshark 12-31-2012 8:51 AM

I finally got around to pulling the JL amps out this weekend and started installing the new Wetsounds Sinister amps. I didn't get as far as I wanted to after diagnosing and eventually pulling out 2 bad batteries.

I did get them mounted and the new power and ground distro blocks installed. Hopefully I'll get it all wrapped back up in the next week or so and I can start working on a trim panel for the amp rack.

The build quality of these amps is awesome. I also love that you can rotate the backlit logos to fit the orientation of the amp.

Sorry for the crappy pics. I was in a hurry.



bryce2320 12-31-2012 9:10 AM

looking sick TJ!!!

wetsounds1 01-02-2013 10:04 AM

Looks awesome TJ.

Can't wait to see what you think and what it sounds like.

Wet Sounds

Midnightv10 01-02-2013 12:22 PM

Hey Tim,

What is your thoughts on a bridged SD-2 on a REV 410?
too much?

wetsounds1 01-02-2013 12:36 PM

It is a LOT of power. 1250x1. A SD4 on a pair of REV 410 is 685x2. Which is a ton of power already. I will be running two SD2 on two REV 410 on the new demo boat just to see. But if it is too much and I wind up blowing them up, I have easy access to replcement parts! I will let you know how they do. But I cannot recommend it now. Once i get them dialed in and tuned and see where we are at and how they do in real world. We will see. But for now, I would run a SD4.

Wet Sounds

Midnightv10 01-02-2013 1:03 PM

Thanks Tim, yes I would love to hear how your test goes.

I am currently running a SYN-2 to each which sounds fantastic.
Is there any benefit in switching to a SD-4 other than reducing the number of amps?

Truekaotik 01-02-2013 1:14 PM

way better power management, completely sealed amp, all controls on-top of amp case now, smaller footprint, the feet are spaced up to allow wire runs underneath the amp, to name a few.... switching from 2 syn2's to a SD4 would be personal choice, but I would suggest it is worth it... JMO the two syn2s will pretty much pay for the SD4 im guessing...

wetsounds1 01-07-2013 5:39 PM

3 Attachment(s)
Here is a pic I snapped of the PCB for those who like to see the insides of these. It is a beast of an amp and a PCBA. We spent a lot of time and the board is very well laid out. And for those that have seen transformers. You can see our MAXED transformer and will see how different it looks

Wet Sounds

durty_curt 01-08-2013 10:11 PM

Damn, months after i get my Wetsound stereo install with two Syn amps, this bad boy comes out

ktm525 01-09-2013 5:03 AM

If I run 4 Rev 8's on the tower. What is the best amp for that?

wakebrdjay 01-09-2013 7:54 AM

Don an SD-2 will give you 310W per speaker if you run each side parallel(Stereo @ 2 Ohms - 2 x 620 Watts).The SD-4 is Mono @ 4 Ohms - 2 x 685 Watts,Stereo @ 2 Ohms - 4 x 340 Watts.In parallel on the SD-4 you can only get 170W/ch,the mono-685W/ch is for a 4ohm load.

Truekaotik 01-09-2013 1:40 PM

In Sinister... SD2 is one way to go for 4 Rev8's @310 each in ONE chassis with no headroom... The 4 won't work for 4 speakers, you'll only get 185 watts a speaker.... More power? 2 SD2's will give you 400watts a speaker with headroom... 2 syn4's will give you 400 watts a speaker without headroom... 2 SD4's will give you 685 watts a speaker without headroom ... Your WS choices depending on how you want to run them ;)

Houstonshark 01-09-2013 2:04 PM

The SD6 is another sick option as well if you have other speakers you need to power.

CH1 - Left Rev8 #1 @ 290W
CH2 - Right Rev8 #2 @ 290W
CH3 - Left Rev8 #3 @ 290W
CH4 - Right Rev8 #4 @ 290W

Channels 5-6 would be available to power a sub or a Rev410 and give you 585W @ 4ohm Mono or you could power a couple pair of in boat speakers in several different configurations.

david_e_m 01-09-2013 2:52 PM

^^^ 290 watts per channel non-bridged into a 4-ohm load per channel? Please explain.

Houstonshark 01-09-2013 3:34 PM


Originally Posted by david_e_m (Post 1801336)
^^^ 290 watts per channel non-bridged into a 4-ohm load per channel? Please explain.

David, clearly you weren't aware of the Turbo button on the Sinister amps...

JK, I was going off of memory and confused the 2ohm and 4ohm stereo outputs. For some reason I was thinking it was 290/ch @ 4ohm stereo, which would in fact be pretty sick.

Houstonshark 01-09-2013 3:38 PM

You could still get there by running the 2 left Rev8's in series to Ch1-2 bridged and then the 2 right Rev8's in series to Ch3-4 bridged right?

spencerwm 01-09-2013 3:41 PM

Those are clean. I like them.

david_e_m 01-09-2013 4:02 PM

Yes, I did overlook the 'Turbo Button'.
If you series two left and series two right you double the impedance. So then the collective 8-ohm bridged power is identical to the discrete stereo 4-ohm power. No power gain. The result is the same.
All joking aside....speaking of a 'Turbo Button'....if you biased the amplifier to suit and had a switch that halved the supply voltage you could parallel the speakers in bridged mode and get the full 2-ohm stereo power while maintaining stability. However, can you imagine how that button would be abused out in the field! Flame ON!!!

Earmark Marine

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