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alanp 07-25-2012 7:38 PM

wake scene in charlotte nc
possibly relocating to charlotte for work. is there much of a scene there? is there a heated lake? waterfront property looked very affordable and not far from the city center(where i will be working).

07-25-2012 8:25 PM

Not sure what you consider affordable but there are 3 lakes to ride on around that area. Norman, Mountain lake & Wylie depending what part you move to. I researched Charlotte at one point but decided to stay put in FL bc I didnt want a winter. Good luck!

alanp 07-26-2012 7:53 PM

looked at lakefront homes for 500k and there were no shortage.

suprarider822 07-26-2012 8:25 PM

Theres power plants on all 3 lakes. So there are definitely some hot spots. Norman is going to be your most expensive. But mnt.island and Wiley are the best for riding.

wspeedin 07-27-2012 5:48 AM

The wake scene in Charlotte is kind of there. However, its in the outlying areas that its more popular. Depends on the part of Charlotte you will be living on what lake to go to. If you are on the north side than you will be closest to Lake Norman(LKN) which is a very large lake on the catawba river. LKN has a lot of marinas and dealers for Malibu and Nautique. The water on LKN is only calm and glassy during the week and mainly just the mornings, if you are a weekend warrior than LKN is a bust. Also, LKN does have a few hot spots near the damn and power plant.
The next lake on the catawba river is Mountain Island Lake (MIL), this is the buttter! It doesnt matter what time of day, year or anything becasue this lake has glass all the time. Sometimes you may have to travel upstream to find the best but it is good riding. The thing to look out for on MIL is where the water elevation changes when the damn opens or closes because it can get shallow in a hurry. Also, no marinas on this lake. Im not sure about homes on that lake, and it is located on the northwest side of charlotte.
Lake Wylie is actually on the same river but straddles NC and SC. You can find glass during the week, but on the weekend it is much more difficult. I do not ride this lake, mainly becasue the water is jsut so brown and dirty looking. I know they have a Supra dealer on this lake, but I believe that is it. This lake is on the south side of charlotte. There are also other lakes not too far away from Charlotte that you can find heat or glass anytime. We also have the new Hexagon Wake Park in Benson, which is about 4 hours from Charlotte and then we have the Eact Coast Wake Park in Greenville which is also about 4 hours away from Charlotte.

Good luck with the move!!

alanp 07-27-2012 12:38 PM

thanks will and i have been looking at homes on MIL. hopefully i get down there nov-dec time frame.

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