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bighead 05-29-2007 7:20 PM

Have many people ridden this board yet? I have an 06' Watson and I am looking for a board that is a little faster with a more locked in feel. I want to stay with a 3-stage, maybe one a little milder for the kind of wake we ride. The Witness looks like what I may be looking for but would like some advice first. I think the Watson is just too advanced of a board for me. I have no shop to demo so that is not a possibility. Where we ride can get choppy alot so I like the center fin to help. Thanks

eargasm 05-29-2007 7:35 PM

The LF Substance is pretty sweet board.. rode it last year & switched to 07' Watson this year.

jmuthafnp 05-30-2007 5:39 PM

The Witness is a nice stick. It is considered a three stage board, but it rides like a continuous rocker in my opinion. For my riding style it seemed a little slow for my taste, so I stuck with the Team, but I am now riding the Trip. <BR> <BR>Some other boards you may want to consider from LF that are fast and poppy with the consistency of a continuous rocker, try the Trip or the Team. You can ride them with all the fins in them, or if you like a slicker rider or your riding starts progressing, take the center fins out. <BR> <BR>As with anything, this is just my opinion and most everyone, including me, will recommend going to your local shop and trying each. <BR> <BR>I would definetley recommend trying the Trip, I love mine. <BR> <BR>(Message edited by jmuthafnp on May 30, 2007)

sixmilecrew 05-30-2007 6:08 PM

The axis will give you alot more of a locked in feel with a little less kick at the wake. No center fin, dont need it, 4 molded ins on each end, my opinion better/ more reliable in rough water than a center fin.

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