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waketx05 07-22-2012 7:52 PM

Cable Clockwise vs. CounterClockwise Air Tricks
So from personal experience and now noticing on the new cable film Penny... Why is it that you get much more height/amplitude on a counter clockwise cable system compared to a clockwise system. Engineering controls?! Something with the heights of towers or motor type? It's starting to bug me and I hope someone can help!

gnarslayer 07-22-2012 8:01 PM

i dont know if you have been to BSR yet but it has a butload of pop and you can go huge! (clockwise)
i think it may have something to do with that their have been more counterclockwise cables than clockwise so their arent as many riders who go huge yet

clarkduh 07-22-2012 10:50 PM

You can go same height going either direction. Some cables have shorter straights that are a few feet higher which helps a ton. Cables are different heights and if you have to deal with water loss/gain it also affects it. (Florida provides us with some entertaining weather) Rope lengths and speeds can vary as well. But in the end, It all depends on how hard you cut. I watch diego go clockwise, counter clockwise, inside and to the outside and guess what, its always huge! Seen shuster do a front to blind left foot forward? You pretty much look straight up. Watch tom ride any cable, I say they get the same height either direction. I always feel like i ride way harder at my home cable, its just the right vibe. I am not sure if others are like that. On that note, I am biased to clockwise:D

behindtheboat 07-23-2012 9:13 AM

Tower height, rope length, even cable tension have a lot to do with it. Obviously get more air doing tricks towards the outside of the cable rather than towards the inside.

waketx05 07-23-2012 5:40 PM

Maybe it's just the higher water level at Wake Nation Houston. I'm really excited to ride BSR tho. It looks like a really awesome park!! I need to try another clockwise park besides just one. Appreciate the input guys!

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