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06-10-2006 6:55 AM

Hey all...I am having trouble with my 3's I can not get any pop off the wake. I do go wake to wake just fine but I would like to pop off wake 1 and get the 3 down. I know the progressive edge stuff, but it seems that I absorb the wake and fly across the wakes with slight air. Help.

pittsy 06-10-2006 3:02 PM

just edge all the way through the wake and spin when you are at the highest point in your jump...pop...pull..pass

garret_s 06-10-2006 6:03 PM

you might be edging too hard...my big issue with landing my first 3 was that I had my cut WAY too hard, which increases line tension like a bitch right in the middle of the wake (when you should initiate your spin). Still take a progressive cut, but lessen the intensity (its a spin), and focus on extending through the wake. THIS DOES NOT MEAN LEVEL OFF, YOU WILL EAT IT. Just take a medium-to-easy progressive cut, and focus on pushing off. Matt is very correct in breaking it down into three parts. It should be three seperate motions (in your head).

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