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baitkiller 12-02-2012 9:28 AM

Kill the guy with the ball
Thats what we have to call it these days but you older guys remember the game.
I live on an island and we have a very good football program.
For the tree lighting, all the local guys drop their truck off in the morning loaded with tailgate supplies. We back them in door to door in a semi circle surrounding a huge grass field with a stage at one end and a giant Christmas tree at the other. The Island Dance academy puts on a show with all the little girls doing their thing, the local politicos do their thing and then a band comes on stage and does their thing. All the while its a giant party going on at the perimeter and the kids are tearing it up on the grass. Small town stuff.

I have two very sore boys today. Last night all the island boys (and a few girls) played smear the queer for more than 4 hours straight during the Christmas Island Style tree lighting festival. Cam has a shiner, Ian has bruised ribs and scratches. I heard reports of broken fingers and twisted ankles. These boys play HARD! They may be beat up and bruised but they couldn't be happier.
Good times.

grant_west 12-03-2012 12:02 AM

smear the queer:)

I'm glad what ever island you live on political correctness has not come and re named such a awesome child hood game. It would be so 2012 for some teacher/politician/parent to object to this kind of game and its name. I can see it now some one in front of the new cam's
"Smear The Queer" teaches kids to commit hate crimes against gays this game must be stopped.
Next on the list "Dodge Ball" this game is predacious and exploits fat and slow kids making them easy targets for faster kids this game needs to stop! Lol

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