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masterpainter 05-18-2003 5:57 PM

On the dock picture thread I noticed that all the docks looked like wood. Does anyone on here have any experience with composite or polyethylene docks? Two brand names I know of are EZ Dock and Connect A Dock. Just curious what the pros and cons are. If you purchased one, what were the reasons why? If you considered them and went with something else, what were the drawbacks? <BR>Thanks

aka Bradley Beach 05-19-2003 6:26 AM

Our Dock isn't wood. It's a steel frame dock with concrete tiles and the old foam floatation. It's not very old, maybe 5-8 years but the concrete tiles are very nice, they don't get hot in the sun and they don't have nails in them like wood plank docks do... I've seen a couple EZ Docks and the plastic always looks dirty and scummy from the lake water... But they appear to work well.

masterpainter 05-19-2003 9:11 AM

My marina uses the concrete dock tiles and several of them have cracked and they seem to mildew easily, especially in the areas covered by the roof. The marina is the only place I have seen them used here in Georgia, so I don't have much info to base a decision off of. Thanks for the input though.

leetudor 05-19-2003 10:17 AM

I have an EZ Dock and like it a lot. The only maintenance I do to it is to hit it with a wet broom to knock the duck pooh off. It does show the scum below the water line but so does every other dock but most are a dark color and that makes it harder to see. <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/65921/67647.jpg" alt="Boat Dock">

masterpainter 05-20-2003 5:07 AM

Looks nice Lee. How long have you had it? Have you ever had to re-tighten the hardware? If so, how often? Also, is that the roof structure EZ Dock sells or did you install somebody else's? <BR>Thanks <BR>

leetudor 05-20-2003 5:24 AM

Thanks. I have had the dock about one year now and have not had to re-tighten any thing yet. I have checked a few places on the dock and all of the hardware is still tight. The roof is an EZ Dock roof, but for 2003 they have changed the clips slightly that mount to the dock sections. If you look on the other post about docks I posted another pic from a different view.

mattbob 05-20-2003 6:02 AM

When we build our dock we considered using composite decking planks, but a contractor said that they warp horribly. I have never witnessed this first hand, but we took the "expert" advice and built ours out of wood. I'll see if I can find a picture.

krbaugh 05-20-2003 8:51 AM

Lee <BR> <BR>Do you take the EZ-Dock out in the winter? <BR>Does Ice affect the Plastic??

masterpainter 05-20-2003 8:58 AM

Kevin, The EZ Dock will just rise up above the ice in most cases. There website is EZ-Dock.com &amp; if you look under distributors, you can probably find some links to a dealer in your area. Some of the dealer sites have good pics on them.

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