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zo1 02-13-2003 4:05 PM

I am about to drill the hole to mount my paddle wheel assembly. Here is the question: <BR> <BR>In the PP instructions, it says to drill a 2" hole. On the BU owners site and on a few posts in this forum I have seen folks say to drill a 1 3/4" hole. <BR> <BR>I have yet to measure the assembly itself, but I was still wondering what everyone else did. How big should the hole be? <BR> <BR>Thanks All <BR> <BR>(Message edited by zo1 on February 13, 2003)

kschroeder 02-13-2003 4:14 PM

Whatever the instructions say.. It wouldn't hurt to measure the unit either. I believe that it is 2" though.

ralph 02-13-2003 4:39 PM

Drill a 4inch hole that way you will have plenty of room to get it through. <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/uhoh.gif" border=0>

never2old 02-13-2003 5:11 PM

I just installed a system on my boat, used a 2" hole saw. I agree with Ken above, measure the paddle wheel housing to verify the hole diameter. Good luck, drilling the hole is the toughest part.

baja 02-13-2003 5:20 PM

I believe I drilled a 2 hole per the Perfect Pass instructions. You definitely want to error on the larger size because its a lot easier to seal the void then trying to take another away from the existing hole. Just make sure when you are drilling the hole to hold the drill at the same angle as the hull, this will ensure a flush fit with the paddle against the surface.

s4inor 02-13-2003 6:10 PM

They switched to a new paddle wheel a few months ago. That's why the instructions have changed from what is posted on MBO. The 2" size is most likely correct for your paddle wheel, but measure it just to be sure.

zo1 02-14-2003 10:30 AM

Thanks for all your help!!! <BR> <BR>

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