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canada_air 05-04-2005 8:52 AM

i was trying to replace steering cable last nite on my 95 maristar v-drive. it was going great until cable would not go under the tank. i am thinking i am going to have to drain tank and raise it 1/2". fun. if there are any tips to make this more painless feel free to help me out abit. so far i lifted floor section out and have removed clamps that hold tank down. now just have to figure out what to do with full tank of gas and what is easiest way to sipuon it out

peter_c 05-04-2005 8:56 AM

Can you feed something under the tank like wire, then pull the cable through? BTW next time, attach something to the cable when you pull it out so you can just pull it back in. I like to use single strand house type wiring. <BR> <BR>If that will not work, after loosening the fuel tank, gently wedge it up with something like wedged 2X4's. You may not have to empty it.

atvr 05-04-2005 9:20 AM

I'm doing this job in a direct drive. Got everything disassembled last night and am going to put the new one in this evening. I had planned on attaching the leading end of the new cable to the trailing end of the old one in an attempt to get it all in one shot. Any idea if the rack &amp; pinion make it though without getting too hung up?

canada_air 05-04-2005 12:06 PM

i tried attaching cable but the tank will not let the old cable nut/bolt under it and of course the tank is right full so i am going to siphon it tomorrow and then lift tank 1/2 inch. we tried 2 men and cable can not be pulled through. the tank has dropped 1/2 inch compared to a friends x-star.

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