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isntreal 11-12-2013 8:07 PM

delta tomorrow 11-13
Launching at noon tomorrow out of orwood. Message me and ill get back to you. Hurting for a third.

HotBoarder10121 12-13-2013 10:04 PM

wow i guess no one wanted to ride... did u get out?

i ride winter on the weekends so let me noe

Dmac420sj 12-18-2013 8:49 AM

I'm down!let me know!

Gnargnar 12-18-2013 9:39 PM

What if we were to plan days in certain area a week or 2 ahead of time? I'm always down, but need a few days to work my schedule. The WEST fbook has proven to work pretty well too.

isntreal 12-20-2013 11:07 AM

never got out that day but I ride all winter so hit me up when you guys need a third. ill hit you guys up when I get out again.

black_ops_09 01-21-2014 1:43 PM

Ha, I was there looking for peeps to go. I store my boat in the storage units.

wksk8r 01-23-2014 8:23 PM

i have been posting on WEST and went 3 times last week. I will be going next week if any of you can make it up my way.

Dmac420sj 01-29-2014 2:05 PM

I'm outta sj and am down to go pm me or whatever. Weekend only though gotta get my money!

mcclure_kevo 03-10-2014 2:36 PM

im down to ride whenever im out of concord good for gas , boat cleanup and driving if needed

SteeleAxis 03-12-2014 9:38 PM

Trying to put a crew together for Friday if anyone is free. Whiskey Slough on the delta, dialed in Axis A20 and wake can be mellow or slammed. 10 to 4, lots of ride time and chill crew if you want to work drills or new tricks!

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