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bfnaci 03-04-2009 8:48 PM

Went out this weekend on my lake and had three sessions over three days. <BR>I was so sore Monday morning. <BR> <BR>I made a serious effort this winter to try and ride in the cold once a month. <BR>I worked out regularly to stay in shape, core strength work, spin classes, full ball workout, Bosu ball work out, trampoline sessions, sit ups, etc. etc. <BR>Nothing seems to work the body like a few back to back sessions at the beginning of the year. I get this sore every year..no matter what I do. <BR>My abdominal's, lower back were sooo sore.

wakemikey 03-04-2009 8:49 PM

Waaaaahhhhhh I saw someone drive a Suburban on one of our home lakes today! Gutsy move... Cry...

tcaz 03-05-2009 7:02 AM

I hear ya. I took my first set a couple weeks ago and when the next day came I was feeling some serious soreness. Walking to class and trying to sit in my chair was a difficult task.

eubanks01 03-05-2009 7:21 AM

I agree Brent. There is nothing that can get you into wakeboarding shape other than wakeboarding. My hamstrings and lower back always kill me after my first few sets of the year.

wakeboardern1 03-05-2009 7:25 AM

Man, spring break is going to be awful for me. A week of wakeboarding after having not ridden in 3 months.

dnp33 03-05-2009 10:19 AM

3 months is nothing. <BR>try having an 8 month off season. thats when you really get sore. <BR>mostly from the hard falls that come from not having ridden for 8 months and still trying to do everything you could do before...

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