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04-30-2002 1:43 PM

How many people have had problems with shi!ty LF products.....i ride LF right now but plan on goin to hyperlite....i cant stand their bindings....i have had multi-suctions and super-suctions.dont like either. Leave some if u have had problems too.

05-02-2002 10:20 AM

do you like their boards? I see you saying that the bindings suck.

05-02-2002 10:27 AM

LIQUID FORCE ultra sux are the best bindings made.

05-02-2002 12:16 PM

i got a rythem 134...it is a pretty good board <BR> <BR>i just cant find an easy entry tight hold binding <BR> <BR>how good are the ultra sux?

05-02-2002 12:21 PM

I really like my LF Ultra Sux.

05-02-2002 3:47 PM

for easy entry and tight hold, try the plush pros by obrien, best bindings i've ever tried

05-04-2002 7:26 AM

Chris, you are only mentioning LFs low end bindings. Try the ultra sucs or the exo sucs, you will love them, I just sold my hl drifter w/ highbacks and now i have a evo 138 w/ ultras, its the best set up.

05-04-2002 8:28 AM

i want to go to a demo and try some of those out.....because i dont feel like dropping 250 dollars on bindings and not likeing them..................is there ne where that i can get info about demos in western New York

05-04-2002 3:27 PM

hey chris, if you didn't like the multi and super suction, try on the moon boot and split and tell us if they are better??? don't compare to the belmonts or parks... you're wiser than that I hope... please at least be fair...!!!!!

wakeborder5 06-22-2002 1:19 PM

go with exos u wont be disappointed<img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/lol.gif" border=0>

cs1094 06-23-2002 11:21 AM

Dude, the pro sucs are bad ass bindings. I also have a trip128, and it kicks so much ass. It is so much better made than all of my other boards...

helix_36 06-23-2002 3:15 PM

Exos on a Balance 135....best board ever....boots arent to shabby either.

gordon523 07-04-2002 7:07 PM

<b>You really don't know what your talken about man</b> i mean i ride hyperlite everything but only cause i get it for half off but i used to ride LF and i must say they used to not be that great btu they steped it up this year with shanes pro model and the ultra sucks they board rocks

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